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Creating An Outdoor Living Room With Custom Furniture

With the monsoons finally receding, and with people still stuck at home (thanks to the pandemic), quite a lot of people are attempting to improve their homes. Since we’ll all be spending a lot more time at home, it might be a good idea to spruce things up a bit and make our homes as welcoming as it gets. One such idea, a popular one at that, is using balconies and front porches as seating spaces. And why wouldn’t we do that? They are airy, open, comes with a view of the outside, and gives us a sense of being out even while we are at home.

But here’s the catch, balconies and porches don’t come in standard sizes. And that means typical living room furniture or even patio furniture may not fit in such spaces. Also, when decorating such spaces, it is vital that you channel your vibes and personas into it. So something a tad more personalized would be more appropriate. And that brings us to the question of the hour, how do we get custom furniture for an outdoor space?

Step 1: Measure The Space

Well, it’s an obvious step, but we cannot tell you how many people overlook this and end up ordering furniture that’s too big or too small. So, measure the length and breadth of your space. And calculate the size of furniture after accounting the space you’ll be leaving around it. Typically, experts recommend leaving at least 3 feet around the furniture to allow free movement. But that’s probably going to be tough in smaller balconies and porches. The dimensions you finally arrive at could be absolutely unique. But that’s fine. As long as you give us precise numbers, Guarented can make any furniture for you!
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Step 2: Pick A Theme

Boho, Indian Ethnic, minimalist – trust us, there are endless options. A mere glance at Pinterest will overwhelm you. But we don’t think it is necessary to even ‘stick’ to a theme. You can very well be eclectic and make your own theme that reflects you. That probably is the most unique way to go about it. What’s important is that in the end, you end up with a space that you feel relaxed and comfortable in.custom furniture

Step 3: Pay Us A Visit

Go to Shop.Guarented. Work with us and our team to come up with a design that serves your purpose. It could be a sofa, a bench, a swing, a chest of drawers, a rack for your green plant friends – you are the boss here. Any furniture you require, we can more than craft it for you. That too for a price that fits your budget. With Guarented, you get complete control over the final product. From the design to the materials used to even the type of craftsmanship, you have total control! Once you are happy with the finished product, we will ship it and deliver it to your doorstep.

Guarented Has You Covered

On all products we manufacture & sell, Guarented provides a free 6-month service warranty that will help you out in case you need a repair and maintenance services. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll figure out how to fix the problem. 

If you’re not sure if you want to invest in and buy furniture, you can try renting from Guarented. That way, you can try out various furniture types at a fraction of the MRP! And once you can find something you like, Guarented can sell you that rented product for a very reasonable price!

Our home is where we come to unwind and it needs to be a safe space that keeps us relaxed and calm. And that won’t be possible unless you have the right furniture and decor elements. As we have all been staying at home to break the chain, we’re starting to realize just how important everyday household objects are. For any and all furniture requirements, Guarented is here to help you out!

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