Easy Styling Tips For Your Dining Area

Easy Styling Tips For Your Dining Area

We can all agree that food is indeed one of the most important things in our lives. It is not just important to eat good food, but we also need to sit down and appreciate what we eat on a daily basis. And thus, dining spaces are not just spots where you fill your stomach. It is where you relax, savor your meal, and bond with kith and kin. If you are in the process of decorating a dining space for your home or an office, here are some simple tips to help you be more efficient.

1. Nature Of Diners

If you’re decorating a restaurant, you may need professional help. Because you’re not only looking at premium furniture, you’ll also be aiming for easy movement around tables, easy access to bring stuff from and to the kitchen, and also spacing the diners out so that everybody gets their privacy. Ergo, professional help may be more than necessary. For this, you are welcome to connect with our in-house designers for ideas and services.

On the other hand, if it’s a home that you are setting up a dining space in, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that furniture used in homes are as much part of the family as humans are. Dining tables and chairs are where you’ll celebrate, slog, work & even mourn around. It has to be big enough for everyone in the family and have room to accommodate the odd house guest as well. 4-seaters are the minimum you need to opt for in our opinion. In case you have a large family, connect with us and we’ll craft you a custom dining table that can seat as many as you want. 8? 10? 20? You name it and we’ll make it.

Dining spaces in organizations of a commercial/official nature are a whole other topic. They have the classic “hall” or “mess” structure with long tables and sleek chairs lined up on either side of the tables. Again, Guarented will be more than happy to make benches and chairs and tables, whatever you prefer, and deliver it to you. Furniture really is our forte. Dining furniture in particular is something we enjoy designing.

2. Mix It Up

Uniformly designed or identical chairs are a thing of the past. Modern furniture designs take inspiration from a million things. And that means, there’s more room to experiment and explore. Be eclectic, combine many types of chairs and tables, and bring them together harmoniously. All you need to pay attention to is to keep one common factor. It could be a color, a pattern, a print, or even a shape. Turn to our good friend Google to find eclectic dining room ideas.

3. Personalise

No amount of premium furniture can personalize a space like knick-knacks. Got photos and art? Hang them up on the walls of your dining space. Display good memories around your dining table so that every time you sit down to dine, you’ll not just be treated to good food, you’ll also have a nice trip down memory lane! 

Come Dine With Guarented!

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