Most Anticipated Home Furniture Trends For 2020

2020 is about to end and boy! What a year this was. We can all agree that we spent a huge chunk of this year staying at home and discovering a whole other side to everyday life. We’ve all realized how important is it to look after ourselves and to make ourselves comfortable at home. 2020 has also taught us that our homes need more attention than we thought. This year saw a huge spike in the sale of premium home furniture as more and more people stayed at home and decided to upgrade their homes to accommodate their professional needs too. With corporates finally realizing that working from home is great as a long term option, here are some anticipated furniture trends for the year 2021.

Multipurpose Furniture

Urban homes are not always sprawling & spacious. So if every piece of furniture could provide more than one purpose that would be a huge perk. Sofas with storage and racks on the side, collapsible chairs, and tables, any and every form of wardrobe – everything quirky and innovative will take the markets by storm. In fact, as more and more people become aware of their unique furniture needs, custom furniture will be at the helm of every chart-breaking furniture trends for 2021.

Premium Office Furniture

Like we mentioned before, working from home is now seriously being considered as a long term and maybe even permanent arrangement. This calls for the employees to have good office furniture at home. Not having the right furniture does not just mean that you’ll be uncomfortable it could make you susceptible to long-term health issues like chronic backaches, sciatica, and fatigue. We’ve also seen some bed+study table combo which is mind-blowing, to say the least. Make sure you check out Guarented’s collection of study desks, chairs, recliners, and more!

Bunk Beds & Beds With Storage

We have big hopes for beds in the coming year. Don’t we all appreciate a good nap? But like we said homes are getting smaller and when we have to accommodate quite a few people in a compact home, we need to get creative with our beds. 

Bunk or trundle beds are a super popular option and we’re expecting that they’ll do well in 2021. While beds with storage are still very popular, we’re expecting more creative versions in the coming year.

Personalized & Customized Furniture

Custom furniture, in particular, has been garnering widespread attention in urban Indian cities. This is the kind of furniture that is tailormade to meet the user’s specific needs be it dimension, color, use, appearance, or any other such trait. Guarented is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing custom furniture. If you have any unique furniture needs, get in touch with Guarented and we’ll have it crafted for you!

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