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Safety Measures Taken By Guarented To Fight The COVID Pandemic

2020 has been tough on all of us. From war threats to a global pandemic that is fast claiming the lives of many, this year has been extremely difficult. If you are reading this, we hope you are healthy and safe and we hope that you continue to being mentally and physically sound in the coming years too. 

Right now, the dreaded coronavirus is the biggest concern for most citizens. And since the virus itself is novel and yet to be studied completely, we’re left with no option other than to approach it with maximum Hazmat level protection. E-commerce platforms across the globe are changing the way they operate to incorporate safety measures against spreading COVID any further. Guarented is no different. 

At Guarented, the well being of the customers and the team has always been a priority. Before we resumed operations after the lockdown, we spent a lot of resources to implement and follow a strict sanitation protocol that was recommended by the health ministry.

Therefore, we are now confident enough to say that our premises, personnel, packages, and transportation means are all risk-free. Guarented’s sanitation protocol has various levels to it and is varies based on who or what is being sanitized. 

As your reassurance matters most to us, here’s a detailed outline of how we implement our multi-level sanitation protocols.

Disinfecting Incoming/Outgoing Personnel

Image of Disinfecting Incoming/Outgoing Personnel

Anyone who enters or leaves our premises or engages with us in a business capacity will be subject to the following stringent disinfection routine. Here’s what our entry/exit protocol looks like.

  • Strict checking at entry points to ensure that staff/visitors are wearing face masks, gloves, and other appropriate protective clothing.
  • Disinfectants are sprayed via an air curtain over individuals before admitting the staff into our premises.
  • Contactless hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed across our premises and the staff is encouraged to sanitize their hands while entering and leaving the building. 
  • Periodic reminders are provided to ensure that everyone within the building washes their hands with soap and water. 

Anyone showing the slightest signs of disease will be removed from the premises with immediate effect. We will then cease operations until a thorough cleaning routine has been carried out and the premises are safe for use once more. We do not compromise on this.

Disinfecting Incoming & Outgoing Packages

As we are an e-commerce company, several parcels containing our products are dispatched every day from our facility. And since we still do not have any clear information on whether or not surfaces can spread the infection, we’ve gone one step further and implemented specific protocols to disinfect every square inch of parcels leaving our premises.

Given the varied nature of our products, we’ve designed different sanitation routines for furniture and appliances. Here’s what it entails.


  • All furniture products are sanitized with appropriate cleaning agents to ensure that their surfaces are pathogen & debris free.
  • All furniture products are sanitized before and after packaging as an extra precaution.
  • Products like sofa, mattresses, or any other item with upholstery/fabric will be subjected to appropriate deep cleaning with a disinfectant solution. 


  • Washing machines, refrigerators, and TVs undergo thorough surface cleaning with a disinfectant solution to ensure that they are free of contaminants.
  • Once packed, they are subjected to one final round of cleaning before being dispatched.

Further, all packages will have a hard copy of our sanitation protocol attached to it. Customers can go through it and approach us if they have any feedback. 

Packages that come back to us via the Easy Returns feature are approached with utmost care. They are isolated and treated before being handled in close contact. 

Hygiene During Transportation

As we believe that this is where chances of contamination are highest, our maximum efforts are applied here. All executives are screened multiple times and encouraged to get regular health checks. 

Protocol For Delivery Executives & Package Handling Personnel

  • All delivery executives undergo health checks before being admitted for the day.
  • Appropriate protective gear is compulsory for all delivery executives and without wearing them, they won’t be dispatched to perform any duties on behalf of the company.
  • At the time of delivery, a hard copy of the disinfection protocols we have in place will be delivered to you along with your order. You are free to contact us if you have any issues regarding our method of operation.

We Leave No Stone Unturned

We stress once more on how important it is to ensure the safety of those around us. Team Guarented understands the need of the hour and is willing to go to any extent to curb the spread of the dreaded coronavirus. You are encouraged to get in touch with us share your feedback or provide inputs on how we can improve our services and how to improve our sanitation protocols. 

Guarented wishes everyone the very best. Stay indoors, stay safe!

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