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Selecting The Right Furniture For Your New Home

Moved into a new home? Congratulations! Now, the Herculean task of setting up the home lies before you and trust us, only the brave can get it done without help! Home decoration is a professional course for a reason – color theory, ambient lighting and many other such aspects that need attention while designing your home’s interiors are tough subjects on their own right. And one needs to make sure that everything blends harmoniously to create the vibe you are going for. Now, we’re not trying to scare you. But if you do need help with home interior decoration, get in touch with Guarented and we’ll provide you with stunning homes, complete with a 5-year warranty.

But if you are trying to merely procure some furniture to do up your home, you may just need to answer some questions so that you can easily figure out what to look for. Before you begin, make sure you have a clear idea about what kind of look or theme you are aiming for. Lack of clarity on this might end up with you overspending on things that either don’t look good or will not be practical for everyday use. 

Got A Compact Home?

Compact homes are the cutest, most practical solutions to the urban housing problem. Easy to maintain, easy to decorate and are cute as a button. So if you’ve got yourself a nice compact apartment, please rest assured that this is the best thing ever! However, compact homes pose the most obvious problem when shopping for furniture. Standard dimensions are probably going to be too big for your home. This will make you want to adopt the most innovative furniture solution ever – multipurpose designs.

Multipurpose furniture is expected to be the next big thing after modular furniture. The aim is to get at least 2 different functions out of a single furniture product and that takes some creativity & skill. The urban markets are yet to be filled with multipurpose furniture which means that they are not as easily available as we want them to be.

Sofas that double as beds are currently the most common type of multipurpose furniture available to us. Very soon tables that fold away, beds that come with work surfaces/reading spaces attached, shelves that fold down/up are all going to be popular. But for now, markets have limited and expensive options alone. 

Here’s where Guarented comes in. Guarented has a stellar team of in-house carpenters, artisans, furniture designers who are capable of creating and building any design you may have in mind, from scratch! Get in touch with Guarented for some amazing, custom-made multipurpose furniture!

Color Theory And How To Pick Your Furniture

Color theory is not easy. Colors either complement each other or they contrast each other. If you have bare white walls, and you’re planning to use your furniture as the source of color, it should be an easy project. Furniture with prints, upholstery in solid colors – your options are endless here. The only thing you might need help with is deciding what colors go with what prints/designs.

If you already have designer walls, that’s a whole other task. You may either need a professional or help from our trusted friend, Google. But even otherwise, solid neutral colors are your best bet as they are easy on the eyes and even more easy to maint in. Especially sofas, living rooms are where you spend a lot of time lounging/entertaining your guests. Take a look at some premium sofas that will be a great pick for any living room! 

Storage Get’s Prime Real Estate

Not just wardrobes, you’ll have to use vertical spaces, beds, seats and every item possible to double as a storage solution. Pouffes, dead spaces under the coffee table, etc hold great potential to function as mini storage spots. You just need to get some cleverly designed furniture from Guarented to help you get that done :).

Modular wardrobes, wall shelves, storage under your beds as drawers, folding shelves and more can be easily manufactured at Guarented with the help of our uber-talented team. Even if you don’t have a compact home, there is no such thing as too much storage space.

Child & Senior Citizen Friendly Furniture

One of the many aspects that decide the nature and type of furniture that goes into your house is the age, physical demands of the people who are expected to be using them. If you have active kids around the house, make sure you get furniture with rounded corners, easy to maintain fabrics. Avoid Getting products with exposed glass surfaces, stark white fabrics/surfaces and in general, anything that could easily cause harm or get soiled. 

If you have child-proof or elderly-friendly furniture designs in mind, we can help build them. All you need to do is get in touch with our team!

Furniture Is No Longer Just A Functional Object

Contemporary furniture combines utility with aesthetics to create something that would make any space look lively and give a welcoming vibe. While aesthetics are important, there’s something else that’s very important when comes to picking furniture for your home – customer services and after-sale assistance. Or in other words – VENDOR REPUTATION. Don’t just walk into a storeroom and pick something that looks fancy. Check durability, post-sale help policies, return & refund policies and anything else that may inconvenience you if the product is found to be faulty once it is placed in your home.

Guarented has been in the furniture designing, manufacturing, selling and renting space for quite some time now. We also branched into interior designing of homes and offices recently and with that wisdom, we assure you, any company not willing to offer service warranty is probably not confident about the quality of their products. Never buy a product that does not come with a service warranty or one that does not come with an easy return/exchange/refund policy. Such hassles could cost you a hefty price, not to mention the inconvenience that would ensue if such an event occurs. Browse Guarented’s collection of household furniture. We have everything from budget-friendly picks to the designer, magazine-style pieces. Take a good look and take your pick!

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