Furnish Your Home With Furniture Subscription

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Nothing matches the feeling of coming home for some rest after a long day. However, if your home isn’t equipped to provide you with basic amenities and comfort, your mental health could be negatively affected. Everyone wants a home that’s well-furnished and personalized. But what can you do if you just can’t afford to purchase … Read more

Winter Is Coming. Is Your Home Ready?

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Winters in Bangalore are a whole other level of awesome. The Garden City is slowly phasing into the cold as we near the mid of November. If you live in this city, we’re sure you’ve already started to feel that temperature drop. And while you gear up to power through the upcoming winter season, your … Read more

Upcoming Furniture Trends In 2022

Guarented has always been diligent about bringing you the latest styles and designs when it comes to contemporary furniture. We typically cover the trends predicted to take the furniture industry by storm each year and while Jan is when a new year begins, we find that there is more clarity towards early Feb. And thus, … Read more

5 Benefits Of Hiring An Interior Designer

When purchasing a new home or when setting up a new office space, many folks ponder over whether it makes sense to hire an interior designer or not. And if you’re in the same boat, here are some reasons why hiring a designer might prove beneficial over attempting to design and furnish your home yourself. … Read more

Winter Care Tips For Your Home & Appliances

If you’re in Bangalore, we’re sure you’ve started noticing the drop in temperature. As we head deeper into the winter season, we’re going to rely more and more on our home and our household appliances, especially around the Holiday season. So if you’re gearing up for a decent festival season after last year’s pandemic struck … Read more

The Many Benefits Of Renting Kids Furniture

Parents of newborn children often go on a shopping spree before the infant arrives. It is a necessary part of parenting. Newborns need special gear, special furniture, and pretty much special everything. While most parents stop at nothing to make sure that their little bundles of joy are comfortable, there’s probably a steep price to … Read more

Creating a Furniture Piece That’s Unique to You

Gone are the days of filling your house with regular boring furniture that’s picked from a generic furniture store. More and more people are opting to buy furniture that’s custom made for them to meet their design requirements and match their personas. Such custom-made furniture is all the rage for the right reasons. Think about … Read more