10 Advantages Of Gaming

Now, we know that this is a sensitive topic given that gaming addiction has actively destroyed many lives. But, it does not negate the fact that scientific research does point towards the fact that when practised in moderation, gaming does have immense benefits.

We repeat once again, that losing self control and spending endless hours at the console is definitely not something to be proud. So if you want to enjoy the benefits of gaming without fear of developing an addiction, we have the answer – Rent gaming gear from Guarented. We’ll come back to collect it before you become addicted, we promise :).

So, back to the point of discussion – Gaming and it’s surprising benefits. Although touted to be violent and even gory, studies have revealed some interesting facts. Here’s what research suggests.

1. Gaming eases pain

Mostly because it works as a distraction, but as opposed other distractions like music or movies, gaming requires attention from not just the mind, it needs your body to cooperate and be fully engrossed in it. Now, that should be better than Ibuprofen (this is a joke).

2. Is an awesome stress buster

But, we already knew this, didn’t we? Gaming is an excellent way to slip out of the real world and burn some adrenaline in the virtual world. Albeit for a short span of time, gaming does help us drop all the stress. The more immersive the game, the more we forget about our stress. This is still however a very controversial topic because alternate studies reveal that stressful scenarios in the game like your character being shot to death or something could spike your heart rate. Still, it is a pretty good way to bust stress.

3. May help autism affect people

Again, nothing is established for sure, but there is evidence that gaming has a positive impact on people affected by autism. The moves and reflexes required while gaming improves motor skills of the autistic who are otherwise a little behind on skills like that.

4. Helps surgeons gain better control of their hands

Gaming improves your reflexes immensely. That much is safely established. Imagine a budding surgeon spending a healthy amount of time gaming? His reflexes and finger movements will be honed very well, that in turn will make him a quicker and better surgeon.

5. Helps you overcome food cravings

Foodies and compulsive eaters have claimed that their urge to eat often was drastically reduced when they were gaming. This has helped them keep their snacking and diets in check. Yet another interesting benefit of gaming, right?

6. Slows the ageing process

This applies to puzzle games mostly. In healthy amounts, gaming improves cognitive functioning in older patients. See, gaming is truly beneficial for everyone!

7. Helps dyslexic patients

This is quite similar to the effect of autistic people. Dyslexic people have shown an improvement in their motor skills and reflexes after they gamed for a few hours everyday. Researches have credit this to the intense focus that gaming requires. Make dyslexic people read faster even.

8. Develops a personality for you

Role playing games often have a positive effect on your personality. You become better leaders, good at time management and even quick with decision making. These are skills that could go a long way in helping you progress in your career. You even become a better team player.

9. Improved coordination and vision

Gaming increases your eye-hand coordination and even vision because it requires you to focus on something quite intensely. However, if you sit way too close to the screen, the result would be in the negative. This mostly works with people who have slightly impaired vision or even cataract (and had corrective surgery), the vision improves with constant focusing.

10. Is more budget friendly than stepping out for entertainment

This applies only if you rent consoles or download free games and play them online. Stepping out to the mall or to have a meal with your friends is more expensive than renting gaming equipment for a day. Plus you get to save all that hassle of having to dress up!

Only In Moderation

Burn the above phrase into your head. Gaming is healthy only if practiced in moderation. Too much of it and you’ll right into the pit of addiction. Unlike alcohol or substance abuse, there is no medical cure of gaming addiction. So the responsibility of staying away from addiction rests on your shoulders alone.

We hope you enjoyed the article. Do share your views in the comment section. Cheers!

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