10 Interior Design Trends That You’ll See In 2020

Ever since Instagram made its way into our lives, we’ve certainly started appreciating the visual aesthetics of everything around us. With said social media platform still going strong, some massive predictions have been made for interior design trends 2020. Pantone has announced its color of the year and words like boho, minimalist & “#plantlife” have become the most trending words when it comes to home decor. 

While the internet is fickle indeed, we still put some time and research into potential trends we’ll be seeing this year. And here’s what we found.

1.The Sustainable Design

Frankly, we’d have loved to have sustainability become a “thing” a good 20 years back. But alas! The damage is done and now we’re happy that sustainability is finally a concern. Better late than never, right? 

2020 will see interior decor themes and styles incorporating more sustainable and environment-friendly materials so that the collective footprint we leave as a race is minimal. The ecologically-conscious folks invariably gravitate towards natural materials in their furniture, furnishing and everyday things. So while we cannot say that this a theme that will have its signature appearance, it most certainly will serve the greater good.

The Sustainable Design

2020 is expected to give us a much-needed respite from neutral & earthy shades. We’ll be seeing a lot more color, bright ones especially in interior decoration trends for 2020. Yellow & Pantone’s color of the year, a beautiful shade of blue will take center-stage and we can’t wait to see how designers revamp homes & other spaces creatively using said colors.


3.Prints & Patterns

Again, deviating from the solids that have been ruling interior design themes for the last couple years, prints & patterns in bright colors will be a rage! Chevron will be stepping back from the limelight & the boho and tribal prints will rise to fame once more. Mandalas too are becoming very popular.

Prints & Patterns

4.Handmade Knick-knacks

Thanks to social media, the artists have found their space again! We love indulging in unique, handmade pieces as opposed to mass-produced, factory-made decor items. Don’t get us wrong, such pieces are wonderful and useful too. But the charm held by a decor item that was painstakingly made by hand is something else, don’t you agree?

Handmade Knick-knacks

5.Dual Tones

Kitchens and bathrooms would be the spaces that would first adopt the dual-tone theme. Solid whites, solid beiges, solid blacks – we’re going to get a respite from all of that and we’ll see pairs of really contrasting colors. Yellow & white, red & pink – frankly we cannot make an exact prediction because the designers are yet to flex their dual-tone projects.

Dual Tones

6.Custom Furniture

Dimensions & designs no longer grab attention if they conform to regular standards. With homes being made in more and more compact spaces, custom furniture has become a necessity. And given that every individual has his/her own set of requirements, it now makes more sense to get something custom-made instead of opting for something mass-produced.

7.Built-In Seating

We’ve seen some samples of this arrangement here and there, but we’re yet to see a larger crowd embrace this trend. Built-in seating is the perfect solution for homes with very little floor space. This essentially turns a wall into a seating arrangement and is the most ingenious thing we’ve heard!

Built-In Seating

8.Maybe A Little Less Plants

There was an explosion in plant-based decor themes in the last few years. That’s great because we need plants, now more than ever. However, we could use a little less of our green friends, especially in bathrooms & dining spaces. 2020 is expected to finally come to a conclusion about just how many plants are the right number of plants.

Maybe A Little Less Plants

9.Bamboo & Cane Products

Keeping the sustainability trend in mind, it is no surprise that cane and bamboo products are expected to make a reappearance. After all, bamboo is one commendable material that can be used to make anything from furniture to weapons. We have high hopes for this trend!

Bamboo & Cane Products


The last and most surprising entry in our list was “arches”. With straight corners biting the dust soon, arches were the next natural choice for most people. Bringing back the grandeur seen in middle-eastern architecture, arches will now be the most popular shape for entryways, doors & maybe even other aspects of home design.

Interior Design That Reflects You

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