10 Things You Can Do On Republic Day

Republic day is here! While we’re certainly glad that this beautiful country did become a republic, right now, we’re also excited that Republic day this year is giving us a much needed mid-week holiday! IF you can manage to take a day off on Friday (the 27th), that’s a pretty long weekend right there for you!

So, like we said, it’s a holiday and since banks and other business institutions will remain closed, we thought we’ll provide you with a list of fun things to do.

1. Watch That Spectacular Parade

Every year, people from the defence, politics and various other disciplines come together to put up a splendid Republic day parade for the entire world to watch. As kids, we would eagerly sit glued to Doordarshan and watch every tiny detail of it. Let’s relive those memories once again and wake up to see the parade. It would be rather sad if we Indians do not take an effort to watch it when so many of our fellow Indians have been working for several months to organize it. Plus, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi is the chief guest this time. Why miss it?


2. Household Stuff

If you live in a house, you will, defacto have to do household stuff (unless you are filthy rich and you have countless domestic helpers). Since regular shopping might be difficult what with everything being closed, you can try renting some stuff with us. So if you’ve been meaning to buy appliances, you can browse our site to try them out. You could also use this day to clean up your house a bit. It isn’t essentially boring, but it is vital. Turn on some music, make some moves and get cleaning!


3. Watch Dangal (IF you haven’t already)

This epic movie showcasing the life and achievements of Mahavir Singh Phogat and his kickass daughters are a must watch. A few other good movies are screening now and what better day to catch them except for a national holiday? Round up your friends and have some fun! P.S. Don’t get inspired and eat too much to sport Aamir’s Dangal look.


4. Video games!

Well, online games are O.K, but there’s a lot more fun in rounding up your buddies and playing some games on your playstation. That way, you’ll get to catch up with your friends and have some much needed relaxation too! So go ahead, unleash your inner child. Oh BTW, if you don’t have a playstation, you can rent one here.

Video Game Playing

5. Family Time!

Everyone’s probably at home because it is a national holiday. This means you can visit your parents or relatives and spend some quality time with them. Well, for folks who cannot visit their family in person, there’s always skype. During the weekdays, we’re mostly too busy to even talk leisurely to our parents. This is the perfect opportunity to make up for that. So go ahead, be there in person or skype with them. Put a smile on the faces of the people to whom you mean the world.


6. Go Camping!

Get away from the busy city and unwind in some godforsaken place where only the Airtel 3G girl can bother you with her internet. This works best if you can take a day off on the 27th, which means you have a solid long weekend to absolutely immerse yourself in nature. We know what you are thinking, buying camping gear is expensive. Fret not! We’ve got that covered. Rent some amazing camping stuff online! If you loved this idea, you may want to think up different ideas to take a day off on Friday. A good portion of working Indian Janta will be having the cold or food poisoning this 27th. You may want to think about getting finishing off all your pending work before you even think about requesting leave.

P.S. – Dear managers, we’re not responsible for employees taking leave on the 28th. Any connection is purely coincidental.


7. Be Desi

At least for a day. This means the following –

  • Speaking Indian languages alone as much as possible
  • Eating Indian food from Indian food chains (No, McAloo Tikki burger does not count)
  • Wearing Indian textiles like Khadi/kanjeevaram etc and buying on Indian goods
  • And finally, be an Indian in true sense – not Malayali, not Bengali, not Konkani, just plain Indian.

While you’re at it, try boycotting alcohol and non-veg for a day too. And no, this does not mean that you can hog on all the non-veg and drink up to your eyeballs on 25th.


8. Volunteer For A Good Cause

Much is needed to be done in our society today and you should be making time to do your part. This for one is a very broad activity and that’s why we think that this is one of the best options. Go visit your local orphanage, or donate blood, sign up for organ/body donation, clean a local park, assist local authorities…The list is endless. So go out there, be a doer and make this one day count.

*No funny images for this one, because this ain’t a joking matter*

9. Cook Something Healthy

Skip hotel food for a day and since it is unlikely that your cook will turn up today, you can consider exercising your own culinary skills. The internet is brimming with simple recipes for everyone’s palate, so go ahead, the world’s kitchen is your oyster! Grab that fire extinguisher and get started!


10. Being Human

Resolve to be a good person today and every other day. Be a good citizen of India and try to abide by the many laws we have. This might also be a good opportunity to read up on our country’s glorious history and how we got where we are today. Resolve to do your part for this beautiful nation and if everyone puts forth their best, this country shall stand undefeated!

From all of us here at Guarented, here’s wishing everyone a very happy Republic day.


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