3 Easy To Maintain Sofa Fabrics

Sofas are the most carefully picked furniture products in every household. They are often the first piece of furniture that greets you as you enter your home. You entertain guests here, you enjoy your leisure time here – it’s the ultimate comfort seat. Now with the crowd inclining towards customized sofas as opposed to store-bought ones, people are taking the time and effort to handpick every material that goes into the manufacturing of the sofa that will adorn their homes.

If you are someone like that, you should know by now that sofa upholstery material needs to very, very, carefully picked. This is the one aspect that impacts the overall look and feel of the sofa and also the one parameter that decides how easy it will be to clean and maintain your sofa. As cleaning is often the hardest task to do, here are 5 types of sofa fabrics that are super easy to clean and maintain.

Leatherette Or Rexine

Or in other words, a material that won’t absorb anything. These are perfect for homes with children and pets where food/drinks stand a higher chance to get spilled all over the furniture. A damp cloth is all it takes to wipe spills away. They are also quite tough making them less like to rip under the mischief of your pet’s claws. The only disadvantage is that they are not breathable and not often natural. You can always opt for leather, but that would cost some serious money and you need specific cleaning liquids to keep them shiny and new.

Bold Prints

They’re not just a defining fashion statement, they are also great at covering up stains and spills. Everyone would just think it’s a part of the pattern so chill! Jokes aside, this is indeed a smart way to pick sofa upholstery fabric. If the fabric is dark and patterned, it would be even better. We all know that stains easily show up on lighter shades. Homes with active adults, kids, and pets could get such patterned fabrics to help hide any possible stains.

Solid Dark Colors

Have you noticed how a black, leather sofa is an unbeatable, timeless classic? Well yeah, black is the most popular color on sofas for a reason. Spill coffee, spill paint, spill your past, present, and future, nothing easily stains a solid black couch. Likewise, other deep colors too are resistant to staining to a certain extent. Colors like navy blue, coffee brown, deep maroon, etc are perfect for folks who don’t have the time for regular sofa cleaning.

Bonus Tip – Spill Proof Sofa Slip-Covers

These are a new rage and boy! They have taken the furniture market by storm! Essentially this is like a mattress protector, except its for sofas. The sofa cover is typically made of a stretchable material that goes all over your sofa. The material is also spillproof, quite resistant to tearing and can be used to sheath most sofas, irrespective of design. 3,2, and single-seater sofa covers are available in a myriad of colors, prints, and styles. 

They are super affordable when compared to the price of buying a new sofa or even just re-upholstering. If your current sofa has some stains or tears that you want to hide in a budget-friendly way, this would be the ideal way to go.

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