3 Expert Tips to Save Money This Christmas

It’s officially the Christmas season! Trees are up, decorations are being added everywhere, and on the whole, there’s much cheer in the air! But, let’s also not forget that there’s something else happening right now. That’s right. The pandemic. Coronavirus is like that bad guest who has overstayed his welcome. Despite the lockdowns and the protocols, we’re still struggling to keep the godforsaken virus in control. However, humans aren’t that easily slain. We’ve managed to survive much worse and this too shall pass. We may be separated from our loved ones but that does not mean we should skip the merriness and the celebrations altogether. 

Therefore, if you’re at home and trying to put up a Christmas do with a limited headcount and on a budget, here are some fab tips!

#1 Budget Home Makeover

If we’re not wrong, you’ve been stuck at home since March. And maybe you’re starting to get a little tired of the way your home looks. Well, no time like Xmas time to gift your home a makeover, right? However, we know that buying new furniture or appliances could be an expensive affair and it’s not one that all of us are ready for now. There’s a lot of uncertainty looming large. Buying any expensive item may be too much of a commitment and we’re not ready for that yet.

And that’s why Guarented offers you premium furniture and appliances on rent. Need stuff just for Xmas season? Looking for beds and furniture to accommodate a few guests over the holidays? We’ve got you covered. We’ve got entire combos for 1,2 & 3 BHK homes in all kinds of budgets! 

#2 DIY Decorations

Reuse, recycle & REPURPOSE! This year has taught us the importance of being kinder to nature. Every new product you buy will invariably involve some plastic packaging or something that just cannot be recycled. Glitter has been a big part of Xmas for decades and maybe it is about time we dropped that trend. Use old wrapping paper, even newspaper, and some nice satin ribbons or anything visually appealing to make decorations. This is not only environmentally conscious, but it will also help you save truckloads of money.

#3 Cook. Don’t Order Take Out

Yes, it’s tough. And not to mention that everybody isn’t a chef or particularly blessed with culinary skills. However, Christmas seasons see a surge in food orders and many people may step out to dine. Which would have been totally cool, but we’re also in the middle of a global pandemic. Somebody could get careless, and the next thing you know, there’s a new cluster of patients and more Covid cases.

If you opt to just order groceries and cook at home, you not only save money, but you may also end up saving lives. The last thing we want right now is more sick people. We’ve lost many people this year, we don’t need more. Especially during Christmas. 

Guarented’s Here To Help

If you’ve been a customer of ours, be it renting or buy, please know that you can reach out to us for any assistance with home decor or furnishing or even furniture servicing. We’re still not working at full capacity due to Covid regulations, which by the way, we ADHERE TO RELIGIOUSLY. Guarented practices hygiene protocols strictly, we disinfect our incoming and outgoing parcels thoroughly and we’ve had nothing but success with avoiding the infection and we plan to keep it that way.  If you’re considering ordering from us, rest assured that everything will be smooth and virus-free and to your satisfaction. 


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