3 Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A Bed In Bangalore

Bedrooms are the most important spaces in the home, mainly because they afford rest and relaxation after a hectic day at work. After the tiredness of a busy day, the one thing you look forward to is a good night’s sleep and this is difficult to enjoy if the bed frame creaks often, is uncomfortable or cannot hold your weight. 

Buying beds seem to be an easy choice, because we often only look at their design. There are however several other factors that need to be considered as well, including purpose, size and storage.


  • STORAGE BEDS – Whether large or small, storage beds are those where bedding, blankets and coverlets can be stored when not in use. These are good in small homes and apartments when space is a premium. The drawers are either built-in, open at the top or according to the latest design – hydraulic in storage.
  • GUEST BEDS – Calling them guest beds or foldable beds is the same thing, because such beds can be folded up and stowed away whenever not in use. They can even be converted into a sofa or diwan during the day to save space.
  • BEDS WITH HEADREST – Not all beds come with back support but a few have a headrest to give support and comfort to the back. These headrests either come with a cushioned support or have storage spaces within them for books and knick knacks.


Teak, oak and timber are natural woods and were very common previously in making beds. Nowadays MDF and HDF are commonly used in crafting bed frames since they are very affordable and are also resistant to moisture and termites. They are also available in different colours, sizes and designs. 

When buying beds, it is important to ask for the warranty and durability. Beds with simpler designs are cheaper than those with more elaborate ones.


Beds can be either single or double bed. Dimensions of a typical Single Bed are 54x84 inches, Queen Size is 60×80 inches and King Size is 76×80 inches.

The size of the bed is important mainly because of the height of the individual and comfort. Although a majority of people are of average height, tall people can sometimes find it difficult to sleep and the bed may need to be customised.

Buying beds can be difficult, especially since there are so many choices and price points. A much better alternative to this is renting out beds from Guarented. Besides the fact that you can choose to have the bed for as long as you like, you can also be completely stress-free since any kind of repair will be taken care of by us.

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