3 Important Reasons Why You Must Rent Before Buying

A majority of us rent homes, because we realize that owning a home need not be at the cost of our health and sacrificing our other aspirations. Besides renting homes, renting the furniture and appliances too in it makes great practical sense. Before making a large investment, ‘we’ recommend you try what we suggest – Rent before you Own.

All of us have grown up aspiring to own our homes. Owning our own homes meant we were settled in life, were earning sufficiently and ready to take on bigger things. While many of us still aspire this, the truth is that achieving such a dream takes time and money. Life is expensive and owning homes even more so.

Some of us manage to make it work, at the cost of considerable savings, peace of mind, stretching incomes and dreams to make things a reality.  Some others make it possible by leasing or partially making a down payment.

Below are some of our reasons why you should rent before owning something.

Reason 1 : You will understand what you need in a home

Buying furniture and other things for the home is entirely based on what we grew up with. We watch our parents having it and think the same applies to us too. It is often a surprise to find half of the things we consider important, as being of no practical purpose.

The truth is, our likes and lives are different from that of our parents. We have different needs, cook different things, may need separate work and living spaces, may not need furniture such as rocking chairs and diwans. Renting furniture gives us an understanding of what we need and what we can do without, what furniture is essential and what will be infrequently used, so we can eventually buy only what’s important.

Reason 2 : You will understand how to budget for your household furniture and appliance

Furniture is expensive and often we make do with nothing – sleeping on the floor, saving for a fridge – before we buy something we’ve always aspired. Important furniture like wardrobes and beds take years to buy and can even eat up many month’s salary. Owning washing machines and fridges is even costlier.

Furniture is one thing that must not hold up the dream of owning your space. Rather than buying, renting appliances and furniture is easier, cost-effective and allows you to enjoy them without burning a hole in your pocket. You will also get a sense of how to budget, what is important and where you need to put your money.

Reason 3 : You will purchase furniture and appliances that will last you for life

Sudden purchases are often done on the spur of the moment, without thinking about their quality, longevity or purpose. Most of the furniture and appliances that we buy seem very important when we buy it, but eventually we find out how they are not multi-functional, occupy space and cannot be rid of that easily.

When it comes to buying appliances and furniture, much thought has to go into it.

What is the purpose it will serve?

Where will it be placed?

Is it just a temporary convenience or a necessity?

Till the above questions find their answers, renting appliances and furniture is the way to go forward. This especially works out for people moving to a new city, students living in temporary accommodations and even working professionals who don’t want to be tied to a place just yet.

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