3 Important Tips on Owning a Good Quality Mattress

Buying a good mattress is probably one of the last things we think about. When moving from another city to Bangalore, and renting out bed frames from Guarented or even buying a new one, we often ignore this. Mattress on the contrary are as important as the frames. Mattresses are available for rent with Guarented yet it is important to know 3 key tips that go into a great quality mattress. 

Before owning mattresses, think about what kind of a difference it will make to your posture and sleep. Often, backache and other pains are because of wrong mattress, lumpy ones or adjusting with severely deformed ones. A good mattress is one that suits your need, is comfortable and supportive and does not provoke aches and pains. 

Here are three things to consider;


When purchasing a new mattress, its important that it matches with the build and weight of the person. Standard mattresses wear out sooner for heavier people over time. Lighter people can sleep on anything, but are more comfortable on latex, cotton or memory foam mattresses. Soft mattresses get flattened out easily and don’t provide support where required.


Mattresses were first available in cotton, and are now being made in spring foam and latex. They have grown thicker and some can even support themselves (without a frame). When placed on a bed frame, the combined height can be very tall. A high bed may be unsafe, uncomfortable or dangerous especially for children and people of average height. It is important to choose mattresses that sit comfortably on a frame.


Sleep is very essential for some people, especially those suffering from ailments like fibromyalgia and skin ailments like psoriasis. The right mattress made with the right material can be a blessing, taking care of sensitive pressure points, and putting less stress on the body. Adjustable beds, pillows of the right height and softness are much needed to maintain posture and give comfort. 

Mattresses are often ignored, but if you care about how your body rests, and want advise on which one might best suit you, reach out to us and we will help you choose the right mattress for your needs without too much expenditure.

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