3 Seater Sofas – The New Style Icon

Sofas are one category of furniture that is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. We had conventional 5 seater sets, they slowly made way to the L shaped sets and now the trends are all about mixing and matching. Of late, three seater sofas have been enjoying a special place in home styling magazines and in luxurious setups. Place individually, they are large enough to comfortably and snuggly seat a couple of people and are capable of filling an empty space quite beautifully. All of this explains why there’s been a boom in sales for 3 seater sofas. Many designers also recommend getting them and using two other individual uncoordinated chairs to give your living room that eclectic feel.

3 Seater Sofa New Style

Why Are 3 Seater Sofas Great?

So if you are on the lookout for sofas and if you want to style your living room in a contemporary manner, do give serious thought to getting a swanky three seater sofa.

Here are 3 reasons why such 3 seater sofas are greater than getting 3 independent pieces.


1) They can double as a bed

If you have unexpected guests and no spare beds, three seater couches are great for a nights rest. You can stretch your legs, lay back easily and get some quality shut-eye on a regular sized three seater.

2) They are great in bedrooms too

If you have a spacious bedroom and you need to fill a spot with comfortable seating, usually opposite a TV or a mini entertainment corner within your bedroom, 3 seaters are great for that purpose!

3) Decent resale value too

Its been always known that a three seater sofa has more resale value than independent chairs. If you ever need to dispose of your three seaters, it will be pretty easy to do so.

3 Seater Sofa New Style 1

Guarented Has A Massive Collection Of Three Seaters!

About two days back, we quite literally exploded our catalogue with some amazing three seater sofas that you definitely have to take a look at. From neutral shades to deep colours, we’ve got it all!

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3 Seater Sofa New Style 2

Load Your Carts Right Away!

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