5 Appliances That Are Better Purchased Second Hand

If you’re on the lookout for household appliances, you’ve come to the right place! We’re a company that specializes in refurbishing and selling appliances after restoring them to excellent quality. We’ve been in the appliance renting and selling space for several years now, and if our experience is worth any wisdom, we’ll tell you that if this is your first time having your own home, best go for used appliances. In cities like Bangalore, especially if you are new here, setting up a home can get expensive. And you’ll also need to know who to approach for what product. Thankfully, with the boom in e-commerce, practically anything is easily available online. Appliances are no different.

If you’ve already started hunting for appliances, you would have noticed that they are quite expensive. However, these are products that you cannot do without. Fridge, washing machine and a microwave are the essential trios of every household. This is in addition to the other essentials like furniture that you’ll have to get. So the summary is that setting up a home could get expensive. And not everyone can afford that kind of money.

That is why we have a lot to thank the used goods market. Everything you need for your home can now be found in second-hand stores. Furniture, appliances and various other home products. Appliances are one of the most popular choices after cars when it comes to used goods. Appliances are heavy, expensive products that require heavy maintenance too. So the first time homeowner /tenant may find it hard to do all of this on their own. Which is why we think that the following 5 appliances are better managed when purchased second hand.

#1 Washing Machine

Very difficult to survive without one. Unless of course, you can afford money for new clothes every day. A new, top load washing machine would cost you a little more than 15K at least. The higher end variants tote a much heftier price tag. Clearly out of an average Indan’s budget. On the other hand, if you were to get a used washing machine, you should be able to get a front load, feature-rich version for around 15-20k.

Also, washing machines require maintenance checks at periodic intervals. Without that, you might end up spending more on repairs. If you get your used washing machine from a reputable vendor, you’re likely to get service warranty for the first year, taking the headache of maintenance off your hands!

Used Washing machine

#2 TV

No matter how heavily you use your TV, new TVs will dent your budget considerably. No good comes out of buying a brand new one when you can get the same for a much cheaper price in used goods platforms. There really isn’t a significant difference between a new one and a used one that has been extensively refurbished. From reputable vendors, you even get a service warranty much like a manufacturer’s warranty that you get on new products. You should take a look at our collection of TVs, they’re quite affordable and have great quality!

#3 Refrigerator

Like washing machines, fridges too are big appliances that are getting pricer by the day. As we see more and more features being added, the average consumer gets confused about which model to go with. Often with refrigerators, the classic features are more than enough for a regular person or small family. But even such basic models can be expensive and heavy on your budgets. This is why we recommend going with used refrigerators. They’ll function the way you want them too, they’ll cost a lot less and if you shop with Guarented, you’ll get free service warranty too!

Second Hand Fridge

#4 Microwave Oven

Some young couples and bachelors are often quite inexperienced when it comes to handling “cooking”. Besides, setting up a fully functional kitchen, complete with an LPG connection is time-consuming. This is why microwaves have gained popularity over the last few years. Modern microwaves come with features that allow us to cook basic recipes to cakes, gourmet stuff and more! Grill, convection, auto cook mode, fry, broil etc are just some of the features commonly seen in today’s microwaves. Again, high-end models will have prices that reflect their feature set.

#5 Air Conditioners

Again, very expensive and takes money to maintain them properly. It’s peak summer in India and ACs seem like a very welcome idea. Even otherwise, if you are someone with allergies and breathing issues, ACs can control the dust in the air your breathe and keep you feeling fresh for quite a bit of time. They are definitely worthy appliances to invest in, however, since new air conditioners cost around 25-35K, a second-hand one will seem more affordable and practical. As long as you opt for a vendor who gives you a service warranty, you should be able to manage quite well with it.

Second-Hand Goods Are In Vogue!

There may have been a time when used goods or the term “second-hand” was considered substandard. But gone are those days! Today, vendors, companies and big corporations specialise in refurbishing appliances and through that, giving young adults and those with tight budgets a chance to own premium quality products. Browse Guarented’s collection of appliances to see how great our products are.

We also provide goods on rent for those who aren’t ready to settle just yet. All our products are auctioned from e-commerce players and subjected to severe and stringent QA tests to ensure that they are nothing but premium in quality. And that’s not all, we provide a free service warranty on all our products that will provide you with free repairs and periodic maintenance checks. And to top it all, we have an excellent customer support team who are just a phone call away should you need assistance!


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