5 Best Stores For Buying Furniture Online

E-commerce is taking off on a major scale across the planet. It has given us all kinds of convenience because we barely have to step out of the house for most everyday things. You can order groceries, you can order food, you can even order home cleaning services and with that, life is certainly made much easier. Furniture and home furnishing are no different, thanks to some competitive startups. You can even furnish your entire home in under a few clicks these days.

If you are someone trying to get furniture and appliances for your home, this blog will definitely direct you towards some of the more reputable firms operating here in Bangalore.

So without further ado, here are the top names.

1. PepperFry

PepperFry was one of the first companies that made it big in the online furniture sale space. They are today a big name with a considerably large customer base and a nationwide footprint. The company was founded in late 2011 and soon took off to become one of the biggest names in this sector. PepperFry is based in Mumbai and has of late launched several studios across the country where customers can shop products offline.

2. Guarented

Founded in 2013 by three brilliant alumni of IIT-K, Guarented was initially a furniture renting company that provided affordable furniture and appliances to the people of Bangalore. Soon, the company expanded and ventured into sthe ale of refurbished appliances and furniture products and ultimately in the last year, they built up their own team to start manufacturing furniture.

Guarented is very popular in Bangalore because their products are affordably priced and yet doesn’t compromise on quality. They are even open to manufacturing custom designs which is a rare thing in this space. Today, with a large customer base and impressive product quality, Guarented is a top player in the furniture manufacturing and selling space.

3. Urban Ladder

Yet another company that made an appearance early on. UrbanLadder was founded in 2012, shortly after PepperFry made a launch. Urban Ladder is based out of Bangalore and has been a popular name for buying furniture online. They have a lot of unique designs and offers and they also deliver across most major cities in the country.

Urban Ladder too has launched several showrooms in major metro cities, allowing their customers to shop offline.

4. Zefo

Launched in 2015, Zefo (GoZefo) specialised in selling refurbished and pre-owned furniture. They quickly became popular because of their compelling prices. Today, they’re a leading name in pre-owned furniture products. They also allow customers to sell their old furniture on their platform. Zefo is also based out of Bangalore and is very popular with the people here.

5. Amazon

Everyone has heard of Amazon. It is one of the top three e-commerce companies across the world. Amazon India is just as successful and has a whole category dedicated to furniture products. Since Amazon is more of a platform for sellers and buyers, you’ll be able to buy furniture products from vendors across the country through the site.

A great thing about Amazon being in the furniture space is that they give small-time vendors a chance to make it big. Because very often, fresh vendors don’t have the kind of reputation or history that would prompt new buyers to place an order. When hosted on Amazon, their visibility gets improved and hence, they’ll stand a chance to do better business.


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