5 budget-friendly furniture for small offices

With cities becoming increasingly crowded, smaller office spaces are the new norm. And because of this, designers are experimenting with furniture styles that pack a punch despite their very compact sizes. So if you’re a small office owner and if you want to make sure that your furniture is perfect for your compact office, here are some ideas. 

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to consider the challenges we face when decorating or designing a compact office. The primary concern is that floor space is limited, which means, you’ll have to make use of vertical spaces to their full potential. That’s not always easy but it is still doable with a little bit of creativity. The second concern is seating all the people comfortably with enough spacing between them to allow ventilation, privacy, and freedom of movement. With these in mind, here are some budget-friendly furniture options that fit perfectly into compact workspaces. 

Compact Study Tables/ Desks

When you’re working in a small office, utilizing every inch of space available is going to be vital. That’s why you’ll want something like a compact desk. At the same time, the surface should be large enough to accommodate laptops/desktops and other accessories you may need while you work. Wall-mounted working tables and standing desks are becoming increasingly popular. You can browse Guarented’s collection of office furniture for some amazing products and deals

Image of study desk

Ergonomic Study Chairs

Yes, office chairs can get bulky, we understand. But the more contemporary ones are super sleek and give all the benefits of a plush model. Space efficient chairs are a research area in itself and since people spend several hours on them, they have to be efficient. If the design does not accommodate your body well, it could lead to crippling pain, numbness of extremities, and even chronic illnesses. Guarented has an amazing collection of study chairs which you can browse and order right away!

 Image of office chair

Storage Shelves 

We cannot overlook the importance of decent storage in a professional atmosphere. Not having shelves would only lead to chaos, missing files, or worse, people getting fired. And since we’re discussing smaller office spaces, wall-mounted shelves would be more appropriate than floor standing ones. Wall-mounted shelves not only give you more room to move around, but you also get to put everything at shoulder height or whatever’s the comfortable height. Take a look at Guareted’s collection of aesthetic and functional wall mounted shelves for both homes & offices!

Image of Wall shelves

A Compact, Stylish Couch

No office is complete without a recreational spot. Employees need to take breaks to avoid burn out and for that a comfortable, swanky couch is vital. While a full sofa set may be hard to fit in, a 3 seater sofa or an L-seater will look complete in itself and will not take up too much space. Throw in a few cushions and a center table, you are good to go. Image of 3 Seater sofa

Sofas are one of Guarented largest categories and we’re proud of the designs we come up with. Browse Guarented’s collection of amazing and customizable sofas and place your orders right away!


Sanitizer Stand

Last but not the least, hygiene is an important part of everyday life. Encouraging employees to sanitize their hands when they enter and leave their premises is a good-to-have routine. And for that, here’s introducing Guarented’s contactless handwash/sanitizer dispenser stand. Operated by the push of a foot pedal, this contraption will ensure that nobody has to touch the dispenser or the stand while sanitizing their hands. We recommend installing these at the entrance, beside the restroom, and in the office pantry. There is no such thing as enough precaution and the year 2020 has taught us that.

Hand sanitizer stand

You Do You

As you know, these are mere suggestions from a company that has not just been manufacturing and renting out furniture, but also been designing home and office spaces. We’re not bragging when we say we know a thing or two about functional & aesthetic designs. However, if you think you need professional help to get the maximum use out of your office space, get in touch with us. We offer design solutions in various budgets and designs. We can work out something for you. Until then, happy decorating!

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