5 Budget-Friendly Furniture To Enhance Small Offices

Not all companies start in big spacious buildings. With the increasing demand for real estate, offices, much like homes are getting smaller and smaller. Designing a compact space is just as challenging which means that much thought needs to be put into picking the right furniture. Taking up too much floor space is best avoided for obvious reasons. There are several aspects that you should be looking into while furnishing compact spaces in general and so, if you’re trying to furnish a smaller office, here are 5 products that will fit right in. And yes, these products are super affordable too!

#1 Sanitizer Stand

Keeping up with the recent pandemic trends, here’s an item that’s mighty despite its compact size. And we can all agree that this just cannot be skipped. At the entrance to your office, near restrooms, cafeterias, and anywhere else you could think of. SAnitizing our hands frequently has gone a long way in protecting us in the recent past. Place a few stands across the office to remind your team to stay on top of personal hygiene.

Sanitizer Stand

#2 Wall Shelves

Like we mentioned before, saving up on floor space is the goal. Wall-mounted shelves help us achieve just that. They are versatile, easily customizable, and can be engineered to hold formidable amounts of weight. If you’re on the lookout for custom wall shelves, in your brand colors or specific dimensions, get in touch with Guarented, we can make some shelves tailor-made to meet your needs!

Wall Shelves

#3 Study Tables

How can you be a productive powerhouse without the right desk? Right? Ok jokes apart, a well-designed and built study table is the focal point of your workspace. You need to be at a surface that can comfortably accommodate your gear and work accessories to ensure smooth and uninterrupted work time. However, with compact offices standard desk sizes may not be an easy fit both dimension-wise and budget-wise. In such cases, your best bet is to place orders for custom desks/workstations that can fit perfectly into the space you have in mind. Get in touch with Guarented for premium, custom study desks, and workstations.

Study Tables

#4 Office Chairs

We cannot stress enough on the importance of a well-designed, ergonomic chair in a workspace. Often, you spend hours at your desk and if the right chair isn’t supporting your body while you are at your productive best, you’re going to end up with more than just aches and pains. Bad posture, incorrect sitting positions, and similar such troubles are often caused by poorly designed chairs and can leave you with chronic pains around your body. To avoid any such health concerns, make sure you’re investing in the right chair for your workspace. Guarented has an amazing collection of office chairs that are affordable and premium. Take your pick from our catalog or have some chairs custom-made!

Office Chair

#5 Wardrobes

Sometimes wall mounted shelves just don’t make the cut when it comes to holding heavier tech stuff, you may need a sturdy shelf that can be placed on the floor. While this is totally optional, it is always a good idea to have at least one. The good news is that Guarented can custom create shelves that will take up limited space on the floor while giving you plenty of storage space vertically. They are ideal for smaller offices as they are affordable and super premium.


Guarented Does It All

If the idea of hunting for your own office furniture and also decorating it is too much on your plate, here’s an easy solution – Guarented Office Design Team. Get in touch with us and we’ll furnish your office space end-to-end! What’s more? Our work comes with a warranty and we promise timely delivery too! Get in touch with Guarented home and interior designers to get started!

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