5 Easy Steps To Clean Up Your Home After Hosting A Party

December is officially the most favourite month for all kinds of parties! And why wouldn’t it be? There’s Christmas, there’s New Years and lots of holidays in between. Families all around the globe use gather over food and love to enjoy the festive season. Which is all wonderful, but do you know that cleaning your home after a party is equally difficult as prepping for a party? And since not all of us can afford to hire cleaners or domestic helpers, it falls on us to tidy up afterwards. If you’re someone who is looking for easy home cleaning tips, this article should be the holy grail of post-party cleaning tips.

Take Deep Breaths

The mess will look like a mountain that is difficult to conquer, but you can do it. If you have someone to help you out, it should be a piece of cake. Stay calm, remember you can even eat an entire bear if you take one bite at a time. And that is exactly how we will be doing it. One step at a time.

Collect The Trash

Do not attempt to clean anything before you collect all the plates, food waste and other materials that could attract insects and unpleasant smells. Food waste needs to be collected and disposed of before you begin to attempt cleaning anything else.

Ideally, segregate the trash correctly – all the disposable plates and glasses and napkins and all that which should go to plastic waste must be separated from the food materials and kept separately as well. If you have broken glass or any sharp objects to be disposed of, please label it so that the staff who handle trash won’t injure themselves.


No, this isn’t optional. If you want to stay healthy, using a germ killer is mandatory. Especially if your home has little children whose bodies are still developing a good immune system. After the food waste and rot-prone trash is cleaned out, soak a sponge in some cleaning liquid and wipe tables and similar surfaces with it. Follow up with a dry cloth. Cleaning the floor should be the last step because you will invariably drop debris on the floor when you clear upper surfaces. You’ll save a lot of time if you keep the floor cleaning for the end.

If you see spills that could leave stains (tea or coffee spills) you should attend to them before it’s late and the stains become very tough to clean out. Mild bleaching agents will help immensely. If you are averse to chemicals, soak some lemon slices in a small bowl of water, heat it up in the microwave and use a sponge to clean up the stains with the now steaming lemon infused water.

Run The Vacuum Cleaner Around Your Home

Especially in the area that had maximum activity during your party. If you have a carpet or rug, definitely get it cleaned thoroughly. The fine threads in the carpet are excellent at collecting dust and debris to become a breeding ground of all kinds of pathogens. Dust could get trapped there and remain hidden from us for a very long time. This is why carpet cleaning or at the very least a few rounds of vacuum cleaning is vital.

Run the vacuum cleaner along, behind and under the sofa and other pieces of furniture. The aim is to clean every spot that was exposed to your party.

Thoroughly Clean The Restrooms

Multiple people used the bathroom so although we would recommend professional cleaning, you can still do it yourself if you take the necessary effort. Change the towels, carpets, toilet paper roll and everything that can be exposed to all kinds of germs. If your guests used it, they should either be washed or replaced. We’re not implying that your guests were contagious or dirty, it’s just that if multiple people used something, it’s best to get it cleaned.

Spray generous amounts of cleaning liquid on the floor, toilets and wash basins and give everything a thorough scrubbing. And then as always, rinse with clean water afterwards and allow them to air dry.

Sweep The Floors & Put Everything Back In Its Place

This is the last step. If you’ve gotten this far without giving up, well done! Give yourself a pat on the back and get started with the final step. Now, when there’s activity in a place, things get moved around. Furniture, pictures, rugs, knick knacks and everything in between. Restore everything to their former places and put a full stop to the cleaning session.

And that’s it! You’re done! Don’t forget to bookmark this article because it will come handy the next time you throw a party! We hope you had a great Christmas and we wish you a very happy New Year in advance. Cheers!

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