5 Furniture Arrangement Mistakes To Avoid

People often underestimate the power of proper arrangement. You may have a beautiful house and fancy furnishings, but if your furniture isn’t arranged in the right way, it could cheapen the look of your entire house! If you are clueless about modern concepts of home furnishing, you can always seek professional help from an interior decorator. However, that could get expensive. Instead, you can resort to the internet for great tips and that won’t cost you a buck! Starting with this article, your search for the perfect furniture arrangement ideas begin.

Since we have no way of telling what kind of furniture you have on your hands, we’re going to make this simple by telling you what not to do when it comes to arranging furniture in your home. Let’s start with that!

1. Don’t Buy Furniture That Won’t Suit Your Needs

As pretty as that large, comfy, couch seemed on the website, buying it won’t do you any good. If you don’t have space for bulky furniture, best avoid buying it. Especially when you are shopping online, you tend to get carried away easily and totally skip checking the product dimensions. It could save you and the e-commerce partner a lot of hassles if you just cross check the dimensions and order only what fits in your home.

And it’s not just about size, the whole theme you have in mind for your home should be taken into account while ordering furniture. Anything that doesn’t fit your theme will stand out like a sore thumb and ruin the visual appeal of the entire space.

2. Do Not Overcrowd

If your home is small, buy compact furniture. Don’t buy bulky pieces and place them in close proximity to each other. This not only makes the room look crowded, but it also makes movement difficult around that area.

And overcrowding doesn’t pertain to bulky furniture alone, using too many objects too will lead to a crowded look. Limit large decor items to 3 at any cost. If your home is super tiny, one potted plant alone is sufficient to add brightness and charm to that space.

3. Don’t Push Everything Against The Wall

This should be your last resort and should only be done if moving around becomes difficult due to lack of space. Otherwise, leave at least a 4-inch gap between the furniture and the walls. This not only adds an airy look to the room it also makes cleaning a lot easier.

Opt for really sleek, metal furniture if space is premium. Wrought iron furniture is very popular these days and they add a very warm, rustic vibe to the space they are placed in. Wrought iron furniture is lightweight and also super easy on the pocket.

4. Don’t Interrupt Pathways

Stand in the space you are trying to furnish and imagine a path that people would have to take to enter/exit the room, grab things they need and move around to get things done. You should be able to figure out a path in which footsteps would be taken. That path should be left unfurnished.

Placing obstacles in the flow of foot traffic is a great way to create all kinds of chaos and mess. It also confuses people about what direction to move in when they need to get to something. When you look at a room, it should be clear which way to go if you need to carry out a particular action like exit the room, or grab something from a shelf or go to the washroom.

5. Don’t Match Everything

Instead, coordinate everything. Having everything in the same or pattern is a thing of the 12th century. It no longer appeals to anyone. Instead, pick individually beautiful pieces that work in tandem with each other to create a wholesome look. Eclectic is the new thing so aim for that.

Sofas that come in sets can be excused as long as they aren’t overbearing. But otherwise, try not to use furniture in the same colour all over the house. It gets boring very quickly.

Get Inspired By The Internet

Pinterest is a great source for inspiring home arrangement ideas! And it doesn’t cost you much to browse. We’d always recommend that you get professional help because a qualified interior decorator can really tap into your psyche and figure out what makes you happy and do up your home accordingly.

And once you know what your home needs, head to Guarented to shop for some great premium furniture at affordable prices! Good luck!


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