5 Important Things to Remember While Buying a Fridge

Among the many things that the family needs, the one thing that is most important is a refrigerator. Fridges are important for storing food and eatables and is an appliance that safeguards the family’s nutritional needs. It is expensive and because it is an indispensable part of your kitchen you need to consider with care before investing in a fridge, even if the easiest option thereafter is just to rent it out. Here are five things to keep in mind while buying a fridge. 


If you have a transferable job you can get away with rental furniture obtained from dealers from whom you can rent furniture in Bangalore. But even if you have built your nest for the long term a fridge must be chosen with much care. This is something that suits you and the space in which it will be located. Examine the space in the kitchen and its surroundings, and take measurements to ensure what you buy can be safely ensconced in it. Note whether a right side or left side opening fridge is dictated by the location or whether any other furniture impedes movement. 


Refrigerators these days are available in old technology and the newer inverter technology. Even though it costs more, you will find that the inverter type fridge is the one to invest in. Most dealers usually stock the latest types of refrigerators. Volume is another consideration. Pick one that is at least 300 litres in capacity. It is a fallacy that smaller will consume less power so it is economical. Another thing to keep in mind is exterior of the fridge that should have pleasing colour and a smooth finish. Research it thoroughly before you buy.


Some brands offer a freezer on top while some have it at the bottom. If you use the freezer compartment a lot you will find that the top type is more convenient. It should have adjustable shelves and ample space for ice trays. If the freezer is at the bottom then the cooler trays that you use more often is at the top so you do not have to bend down more. The bottom freezer should have a drawer you can pull out. Check this with the dealer from whom you buy it. Alternatively, if renting out fridges is a more convenient option, you can check with us at Guarented.


Fridges come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. Check the fridge for the inner shelves, racks and door compartments for space available and calculate the space you will use in each type. Racks can be glass, acrylic or wire. Glass does not scratch easily whereas acrylic scratches but it is light in weight. Wire trays allow easy air circulation but are difficult to clean and drips can fall down to containers stored below.


Do not neglect service support and check warranty terms carefully when purchasing because if there are exclusions on compressors and condensors, you end up paying a high cost even if fridge is under warranty. Your rental appliance dealer can make this entire process much easier. Guarented provides free maintenance and support for all the appliances taken from us and that’s one area you don’t have to bother about.

It is good to keep in mind that fridges these days are not durables like they used to be 20 years ago. There may be no point in buying a very high priced extra large refrigerator because if something goes wrong and parts are not available, or if you are moving frequently, that’s a large amount of money spent to no good use. If you need one and want to save up on money, rent a refrigerator from Guarented.

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