5 Must Have Small Appliances For Every Home

What comes to your mind when you think of a home? The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, home cooked food, clean clothes, comfy sofas, big TV and a welcoming bed! While we agree that aesthetics are important, it is vital that a house has every necessary amenity to make sure that it is functional. In other words, functionality trumps look. To achieve a functional home, here are 5 medium sized appliances that can make any home functional! Now here’s the catch, new appliances, irrespective of size are fairly expensive to buy. So we’re going to go ahead and not just list 5 magic appliances for every home, we’re also going to tell where you can get used appliances for happy prices!

#1 A TV!



Let’s start with an appliance that sits proudly in the living room! A TV is not just a source of entertainment in a home, it is also something that brings people together. It could be soaps for families, a cricket or football match for youngsters and or a movie for, well, people of all ages!

The bigger it gets, the better is the viewing experience. If you a fan of huge TVs and if financial constraints are holding you back, here’s some happy news. Guarented Shop has some amazing flat screens that are almost brand new but priced super affordable! Trust us when we say this, used products are such a catch! And if you’re buying from us you’re going to get refurbished, fully functional and nearly unused ones!

#2 The Food Maker – Microwave Ovens



A 100 years back, while stirring the fire in a wooden stove, a tired woman dreamed that someone would gift her with a magic device that would cook, bake, heat and boil stuff for her. Thankfully for the generations that followed, someone (Percy Spencer, to be specific) accidentally discovered that microwaves have the property to heat up substances and boom – the microwave oven was invented.

This box can do everything from boiling a cup of water to baking a full-blown cake! Grill a chicken, make biryani, puddings – you name it, a microwave should be able to do it reasonably well. Plus, it saves the hassles of having to set up an LPG gas connection as well!

If you are someone who loves home cooked food but has is wary of getting an actual stove and gas subscription, microwaves are your salvation. Place a microwave in your kitchen and you’ll be able to cook whatever you want!

#3 An Iron Box!


Unless you can afford wrinkle-free clothing or if you are really not disturbed by crinkled up clothes, an iron box is vital to make sure that you look smart. Do not underestimate these compact appliances. They can not only press clothes to give them a just brought feel, they can also double as emergency dryers. That’s right. If your clothes have not completely dried and still have damp spots, iron boxes can be used to dry them to a toast!

Also, ladies, burn this image into your head 🙂



#4 A Countertop Blender


Especially if you are big on cooking at home. Some recipes cannot do without a blender so it might be a bright idea to get one. They are fairly inexpensive. A good hunt will even reveal pre-owned ones at great prices!

You might be wondering why blenders are so great. But did you know that quick breakfasts or beverages are often what busy professionals have time for and most such recipes call for blenders? Smoothies, shakes, even good ol’ chaas will require a blender. Just trust us and get one. You’ll thank us later.



#5 A Mini Fridge


Well, a big one is always better but since this article’s title says small appliances, we’re going to list a mini fridge here. For storing chilled drinks, emergency medicines, desserts, ice and to save leftover takeout, fridges are vital in any house. We would definitely recommend getting at least a single door one because you can never have enough storage space inside a fridge, but if you must, go ahead and a buy a mini fridge.

 The Easy Way To Get A Fully Functional Home

Everyone loves the idea of setting up a home but if you are in a new city, with a new job and barely any time to spare, this is a difficult job to do. That’s where Guarented steps into your rescue! We have figured out a genius way to let youngsters and busy folks furnish their homes in a single click!

Yep. Depending on the type of your house – 1,2 or 3 BHKs, we have designed combos that will make your home fully functional in under a few clicks. From sleeping to cooking, everything will be sorted! Take a look at our amazing combos to see for yourself!


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