5 Reasons Why Every Living Room Needs A Sofa

Living rooms are the first spots that you lay your eyes on when you come home. It’s where people typically entertain their guests as well. After the kitchen, the living room is probably the most happening part of any home. This is why homeowners put a lot of thought into the way their living rooms are decorated and furnished. Now, everyone’s free to have their own opinions, but we feel that most homeowners think that a sofa or a comfy couch is kind of mandatory for a living room. And we can’t help but agree!

Here’s why home experts think that a sofa is vital for every living room.

#1 Comfortable Seating

When you think of the most comfortable chair in the world, what comes to your mind? A plastic chair? A bench? No, it almost always a plush couch that you can just sink into! That’s the number one reason why every living room needs a sofa.

Sofas a super comfortable chairs that help you sit back and relax after a hard day. You can read on it, snack on it, watch some TV or even work while sitting on a sofa. Besides, nobody likes entertaining guests on a shabby seating arrangement. Your guests deserve the best.

#2 Sofas Are Very Aesthetically Pleasing

Contemporary sofas are works of art in their own right. That does not mean that the older models are bad. In general, sofas are beautiful pieces of furniture that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The number of decor themes you can explore with modern sofas is quite endless.

Homeowners who want a quick revamp of their living rooms just opt to have their sofas changed because that one step alone would cause a drastic change in appearance. And thankfully, sofas come in all kinds of price ranges making them super versatile pieces of furniture.

#3 Easily Doubles As An Extra Bed

A sofa set, typically in a 3+1+1 arrangement is what Indian homeowners typically prefer. The three seater piece is often large enough to double as a spare bed when you have unexpected visitors staying overnight. If need be, you even sleep on it every day with the right number of cushions 🙂

In fact, there’s a dedicated category for sofas that can be used as beds as well. Futons, expandable sofas and even L-shaped sofas to a certain extent work really well as beds.

#4 Affordable

Yes, the sofas from high-end design house cost several lakhs and is probably a little out of middle-class budgets. But we have plenty of budget sofas available on our site. In fact, we can even make custom designs for you at very compelling prices. Guarented has its own team of skilled artisans, craftsmen, carpenters and technicians and we’re sure that no design is impossible for us. Just approach us with the design in your mind and we’ll see what we can do for you.

And if buying is still too pricey for you, you can always rent from us for prices that are very nominal.

# Not Just Living Rooms, Any Comfy Spot Could Use A Sofa

It could be your bedroom corner, a reading spot by the window, a covered balcony – you name it. If there’s a spot that you find warm, you can always place a nice couch there and make a relaxing corner for yourself to unwind.

Single seater sofas or even a recliner for that matter is considered as the comfiest seating arrangements these days. And thanks to Guarented, you can now get them for really affordable prices!

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