5 Reasons Why Renting Always Makes Sense in the Short Term

Renting furniture is in, as opposed to owning it. If you’ve never heard this before, then its about time to catch up with this concept, share it with your friends and save big money while you’re at it.

Renting furniture works out to be a great option for people moving about frequently, those changing studies for study and work and even people who don’t want to be tied down by furniture, buying them and lugging them around.

Below are 5 reasons why renting furniture always makes sense in the short term.


Moving is what a majority of us do. We move cities, we move countries and we even move neighbourhoods – for work, for a better neighbourhood, for a better life. What we take with us wholeheartedly are our families, what we lug around are furniture and appliances. When renting furniture, moving is no more a hassle. Things for the home, even a television can be taken for a month or even a year, paying just a minimal amount. What is even better is that you don’t even need irritating moving vehicles to make this possible.


Moving into a new home, even if it is rented, means you spend many days doing it up. Shopping around for furniture, setting up interiors, buying and spending money is all time consuming and pocket heavy. It is also very stressful because as homeowners you want to create the perfect space. With renting, you don’t need to wait days. All you do is decide what you want, call and book and you can have it delivered immediately. What is even better, is returning it when you don’t need it.


Decorating isn’t for everyone. For many of us, home decor is a tough road to navigate. It’s difficult to put together ideas about color schemes, furniture, furnishings and more. Although we have a fair idea as to the functional aspects of a home, the decor still needs to come together cohesively. With renting, there’s always different kinds of furnitures available and you get the choose something that fits perfectly into your space and your style for the moment.


The main problem with furniture, is lugging it around wherever you go. With permanent homes and in the long run, owning furniture and appliances is a blessing but in temporary accommodation, they are a bane. Since people frequently move places, rental furniture can be returned immediately and changed whenever required within very reasonable costs. 


Furniture and appliances can be a huge financial burden, especially when you are just setting up. Most of us often buy or rent homes with dreams of setting up our own space without understanding the implications of such a move. New pieces can be a huge money drain. Renting them out works out reasonably, especially suited to millennial and young people, who haven’t yet started earning much for themselves.

Guarented‘s rental offerings are aimed towards satisfying the needs of people today who want to move about, yet enjoy the comfort of a new home. Everything from furniture, to appliances can be rented out for short periods of time which is much cheaper. For longer periods, buying is always a good option.

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