5 Reasons Why Startups Should Rent And Not Buy Furniture

India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore has endless number of startups coming up each day. And that’s a good thing. There is a certain boost that the Indian economy receives from having businesses come up in India. It creates opportunities of employment and also improves our value. So yay! We’re happy that we are a part of India’s startup culture.


That said, setting up your company is no easy task. You’ll need to hire people, fish for clients and finally set up an office. Now, the rest can be done with the right contacts, but setting up a decent looking office is money intensive. You need good furniture, pantry appliances and a lot more. Buying them will cost you a truckload of money and we already know that most startups have limited capital until an investor is found.

So, how can you set up a good office on a budget?

We have two options at this point –

  • Rent fully furnished offices
  • Rent furniture and appliances needed for your office

The first one seems super easy. All you need to do is move in with your stuff. Is it convenient, yes. Is it budget friendly? Maybe not. Vendors who specialize in providing fully furnished office spaces to people often charge hefty rates. And very often, you get little say in how and what items will be included in the package. You may not like the chairs, you may not like the whole feel of it and any changes you want would come at an extra cost.

That means renting fully furnished offices is still going to cost you a considerable amount of money.


Renting Furniture And Appliances For Office Use

If you already have a place in mind to set up office, and we mean a place that is reasonably priced, doing it up with rented furniture comes with a lot of benefits. Here’s what you gain when you rent office furniture –

1. Budget protection

Startups often do not have the monetary potential to purchase high end office furniture. Also given the volatile nature of startups, buying everything is a bad move. If you have shift soon or if you decide to close shop, disposing off all that furniture will make you lose a lot of cash. Furniture and appliance prices depreciate considerably within a short span of time.

When you rent furniture, you get to pick the same high end products you had in mind at a fraction of the cost.

2. Support

If you buy an appliance, say a fridge for your pantry, unless there is warranty on it, any damage sustained will have be to repaired at your expense. Even if there is warranty, you’ll have to call multiple numbers, arrange technicians and go through a lot of hassles. For furniture, this is all the more difficult as furniture rarely comes with warranties and the likes. If damaged, it either need a replacement or an expensive repair.

When you rent furniture with us, or even appliances for that matter, the support you get is phenomenal. Everything can be arranged with just a single phone call/email. Maintenance and minor repairs are provided free of cost, ridding you of all the hassles involved in arranging repairmen. Guarented also takes pride in the fact that our turn around time is way too good. Everything is addressed at the earliest. If you rent office furniture with us, good customer support is a given.

3. Relocation services

Let’s assume that you’ve done well in business and you’ve expanded considerably. You would try to move to a new office and that is doing to be tough to do with all that furniture and appliances if you have purchased them.

If you rent with Guarented, relocation services for products rented from us will be provided to you free of cost. Which means if your new office is in Bangalore, everything you rented from us will be picked up and dropped off at the new place at no additional charges.

4. Easy Returns

As mentioned before, startups are volatile. You may need to upgrade or downscale at short notice. Under such situations, selling off or finding means to dispose off any furniture and appliances you purchased will be a big strain.

If you rent with Guarented, you can return the products to us with a single phone call. Even if the term for your lease isn’t up yet. We will collect everything at the earliest and return any dues to you. As easy as that.

5. Buy What You Rent

If you’ve fallen in love the office furniture and appliances you have been renting with us and choose to keep it for yourself, we will gladly accommodate that wish. Guarented has a very successful Rent-to-own program that allows customers to purchase goods their are renting with us at a very compelling price. You’ll get to keep the product by paying a small difference price and you’ll be entitled to receive 6 months free warranty on it. This gives it a huge edge over buying from a random second hand vendor who sells goods without the necessary QC tests. All products available on Guarented are subject to stringent QC tests and will be sanitized before being delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

Get Started Today!

Have a great startup idea? Got a spare room somewhere? Then by all you know, you could have your office ready in 72 hrs! Why 72, you ask? Because we deliver all our orders within 72 hrs of being placed!

As we mentioned before, we are super grateful that we are part of India’s startup crowd. We would do our best to support fellow startups and the people behind it. If you are someone like that, get in touch with us today and we’ll help with getting all the furniture and appliances you need for your office.

Good luck, may all your dreams come true this year!

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