5 Steps To Take Care Of Your New Furniture

Got your hands on some new furniture? Congratulations! While you’re all set to arrange your new furniture products in your home, make sure that you are equipped with information on how to look after your new furniture. If you don’t know much about caring for furniture, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. As a company that manufactures, sells & rents out furniture, we’ve got extensive knowledge about everything furniture related.

So sit back and allow us to enlighten you with new furniture care 101. 

#1 Save The Papers

The bills, the warranty leaflet, and any reading material that came with the furniture. Often, manufacturers show us the courtesy of providing a care manual with the furniture. And this manual will be a goldmine of information on specific steps to look after the product you just purchased. 

While they may seem trivial, we never know when the need will arise so we highly recommend that you either pin it to the base of the furniture itself or put it away safely until you may need it. The invoice slip is yet another important thing you need to save. This is the information that warranty is checked against and not having the bill would be a downer.

#2 Study The Warranty T&C

Cannot stress enough on the importance of this one particular step. Most manufacturers are considerate enough to give you free warranty on manufacturing defects the first 3-6 months but you need to know what exactly is covered and what services are offered in case you need to make a claim against the warranty. 

Making a warranty claim usually involves very little effort on your part and it typically involves just letting the manufacturer know that you need to make a claim for whatever damage you encounter. However, very often, there is a misunderstanding on the customer’s part that whatever happens during the warranty period, every damage will be covered. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Manufacturers are liable to cover defects incurred at the time of manufacturing only. 

#3 Avoid Rough Use

This applies to all consumer durables. Rough use accelerates wear and tear and increases the chances of defects and damages. Best be careful around the furniture to avoid causing harm to the furniture and yourself. 

It may be good to note that any warranty coverage may get invalidated if there are evident signs of wear and tear and rough use. So there’s all the more reason to be careful with brand new furniture products. Like they say, look after your furniture and your furniture will look after you!

#4 Regular Maintenance

It’s a misconception that only aged furniture needs maintenance. The truth is, new furniture needs attention just as much as the new ones. In fact, the earlier you start with furniture care, the longer it will last.

However, furniture maintenance is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a first-time homeowner and you are new to home care, you may want to get in touch with the manufacturer and check if they have furniture maintenance services. Most manufacturers will be kind enough to provide it to you for a reasonable price. 

#5 Relocate With Care

Shifting homes is a normal part of our life and you may have to, at some point, haul your furniture and take it to another home. Relocation needs to be planned out with care as quite a lot of damage can happen while the furniture is in transit.

If you can afford it, we will always recommend hiring a professional packer. New furniture, in particular, need extra attention as accidents can invalidate your warranty. And that could be a very expensive mistake. 

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