5 Summer Essentials In Bangalore

Hello guys! What’s cooking? Like, literally, what is COOKING? It is summer in Bangalore and we’re all getting fried to the crisp if we’re stepping out while the sun shines. Phew! Thankfully, we do have more tender coconut vendors on the streets. But that alone does not help us bear with the heat, right? So, if you’re in Bangalore, what is it that you need to make it through this brutal summer?

1. Refrigerator

Ideally, we’d like one that walks alongside us wherever we go and occasionally sprays cold water on us, but since that kind isn’t available, we’ll have to make do with conventional ones. A refrigerator was never more important than it is now. Even if you are inside the house, we can literally feel the heat if there is no air conditioner. So, a refrigerator is what could potentially save you from severe dehydration or even dizziness because of fatigue.

Have cold water or ice on standby. Never forget to carry a bottle, or even better a flask with chilled water when you are stepping out. If you don’t have one already, rent a refrigerator from Guarented at a very compelling price.

2. A vacation

Ah..How we miss summer vacation in schools. Adults need a summer break too! How about a camping trip to a cooler spot somewhere on the outskirts of Bangalore? It might be hard to find a camping location inside the city and even if you do, the temperature would make it hard to spend the day outdoors. The city is hot as such and the traffic really isn’t helping matters get better.

So, rent some camping gear and head out to Dandeli or Kanakpura and get that much needed break.

2. A Walk In Cooler

If that is not doable, let’s pile ice at random places like bus stands and wherever people have no option but to stand in the sweltering summer sun. Or let’s at least intall fans that blow chilled air everywhere. That would be a good way to deal with the free sauna weather we have here right now. This will be helpful not just for humans but also those poor animals roaming the streets. Ever imagined what dogs might be feeling right now? They cannot voice their struggles unlike us.

4. Strict Measures To Conserve Water

Did we know that our water reserves are drying up? Look around you, summer just began and we’re already low on water reserves. We were a city that faced water scarcity to begin with and now with an increase in daily consumption, officials are left wondering if there’ll be enough for everyone. We’re counting on the rains that could come by the end of May. But rains are not reliable so we, as residents of Bangalore should rack our brains and come up with some really good ways to conserve whatever little water we have.

5. Less Traffic, More Trees And A Filter For Social Media Posts About The Weather

Not that it is practical, but if we could reduce traffic even by 10%, there would be a noticeable change in the temperature. Or so the experts say. So carpool, or work from home, or rent camping gear and head out or just pack yourselves off to the North Pole (ain’t no summer ever getting there).

And since we’re melting away in the heat, this would be a good time to give some thought to the environment and what we did to it. And above all, what we could do for it. Take in the heat, feel the discomfort it causes and realise that it is only going to get worse 10 years down the lane. Your kids or you yourself will be looking back and saying “damn, I should’ve planted some trees”. So do it. If you can find even a bit of open ground, plant a sapling. Let’s hope that the future generations have a milder summer.

And finally, we need the mental strength to shift through post after post complaining about how hot the weather is while we’re getting cooked alive. We get it people, it is HAWWWTTT.

The Worst Is Yet To Come

Y’all realise that the summer just got started right? We’re sure most of the things we have mentioned here won’t actually help in bringing down the temperature, but we hope it made you smile or at least took your mind off the heat to complain about the bad humor 🙂 . So let’s all do our best to cope with the heat. Let’s plant trees, share cabs or limit using automobiles and above all conserve water and use it wisely. It is going to get hotter and it will get more difficult but let’s hope that Satan will come and take back his weather.

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