5 Things You See In Bangalore Every Summer

19th March 2017 was the hottest day of Summer this year. At 360 C, the day clearly was scorching hot. The Indian Meteorological Department says that pretty soon Bangalore will cross the 400C mark, making it on par with a city like New Delhi.

So if you are here in Bangalore, here’s a list of visuals you will relate to. No matter what part of the city you are in, these are things you’ll run into despite your best efforts.

1. Fruit Vendor Overload

All over the place! Watermelons, tender coconuts, oranges, apples – you name it, you’ll find it. Piles and piles of fresh fruits stacked over each other is just another addition to the beautiful visuals in Bangalore. And then there are the sugar cane vendors who’ll squeeze out some good ol’ cane juice in an instant for you!

Jokes apart, we’re glad for these guys because if it weren’t for them, the less privileged ones would suffer badly due to fatigue. Not all of us can sip iced beverages while we’re out, right?

2. Summer Camp Advertisements

It’s vacation time and there are countless summer camps being organized to keep the kids productively occupied. If the Internet is to be believed, there are over 200 summer camps being organized for kids of various age groups this year. Again, we’re glad for this. A kid sitting idle at home can be dangerous (if you know what we mean).

3. Immigration

Or you know a better word for fresh college graduates coming to the city for jobs. Given that Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India and that we have countless opportunities here, it would only be natural that in any given year, a big chunk of the passing out batch (in the software discipline) from every college ends up here. BTW, if you are moving to Bangalore this summer, you have got to take a look at the products we’re renting out.

4. Tired People

The scorching summer sun is draining everyone of their energy and you’ll get to see such near dead people on the streets in plenty. We’ve cut down a lot of trees and didn’t bother planting anymore. We also insist on using private vehicles and thanks to us, there’s no shade and more pollution. Still wondering why our summers are getting hotter?

5. Summer Sales

Proudly displayed at the entrance of every electronic store or hypermarket will be an air conditioner or an air cooler. At very attractive prices, BTW. It is not surprising that the people are turning to technology for help, the climate is that hot!
And then there are the clothing sales. Everywhere, there’s a new range of summer clothing that promises to keep you comfortable while also managing to make you look as though you’ve just walked out of a fashion runway.
But seriously, we cannot understand summer fashion. We cannot stand the idea of clothes this summer, let alone funky, flowing, flowery ones.

Know something else in Bangalore that’s interesting? Do share your thoughts in the comments!

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