5 Things You See In Bangalore On Valentine’s Day

Hello, beautiful people! How are you all today? Valentine’s day is around the corner and we thought we’ll write a fun post and tickle your funny bones.

So this one is especially about the Bangalore folks. As you all know, the Silicon Valley of India is throbbing with youngsters. This hugely populated city is indeed an experience on its own.

Blending tradition with fun has always been a highlight here. Festivals are celebrated here with much enthusiasm and hype. That’s why, we’re going to rant about the things you see here on the most celebrated day for the youth – Valentines!

Love is in the Air

Get Set, Laugh!

So, this is a fun post, may we repeat that again. We have no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments, we’re residents of Bangalore too and we absolutely LOVE this city!

So, here begins the list of things you see –

1. RED

Everywhere. RED. The malls, shops, wherever you go, there’s Valentines’ themed decoration. Even people dress up in varying shades of red and carry props that are red.

For this one day, someone unaware about Valentine’s day would think this is a hugely communist city.

With eye popping red everywhere, the city does come to life like no other. Which is in a way a good thing, you’ll hardly be able to miss Valentine’s day here. Very useful because then you’ll remember to get a gift for your partner.

2. Floral Overdose

If are up to the task, try visiting KR market at around 6 am for an unmatched visual treat. The place practically fills up with flowers like a Bollywood movie. You could take your partner there, it will be a deviation from conventional Val-Day activities. KR market is famous for its flower merchants. The earlier you reach there, the cheaper the flowers will be. And not just that place, every street would probably have at least one vendor selling beautiful fresh flowers. They’ll come behind you and say “Sir, Rose beka?” And then of course, people carry flowers for their loved ones.

In short, your eyes will overdose on flowers. If you have pollen allergy, this is a bad day to step outside.
Grumpy Cat Valentines day

3. Commercialised Events

Every festival is getting commercialized. Valentine’s day isn’t spared either. Most hotels/resorts/malls and even shops will have some Valentine’s thing going on. I mean check BookMyShow if you want to get a sample of what it is like.

In a way, it is good, you need not rack your heads too much to come up with something special for your partner. However, you are free to explore your creativity or follow Sheldon Cooper’s advice as given below.

all valentines

4. Singles

Don’t worry, you’ll spot singles instantly. Here’s how you identify singles on Val-Day –

  • They’ll be alone or with a bunch of people
  • Won’t be smiling creepily, if anything, they’ll sulk like a toddler who has been refused candy
  • They won’t be wearing read
  • They won’t carry flowers or gifts

It is a good that they step out. Our eyes need a much-needed respite from seeing red, flowers and couples clinging to each other.

Above all, singles give other singles HOPE.
i can't

5. SOS Couples

Nope, that is not couples in a dire situation, SOS stands for Selfie Obsessed Sweetheart couples. You’ll find them everywhere. If there is Valentine themed decoration/art somewhere, there’ll be couples lining up in front of it. Of course, photos are awesome they capture the moment and everything but seriously, it gets annoying sometimes, right? Well, since Bangalore has so many awesome spots and sights, we also have countless couples trying to find a good spot to click that memorable selfie this year. Anyhow, good luck with that!

Sos Couples

Now, if you’re single, you would be asked by couples to click photos for them. Make sure you take that camera only if you have like two hours to spare. It could be time-consuming.

Singles, Good News For You!

Don’t worry, being single is awesome too! You can do whatever you want and you’ll have fun on your own terms. However, if you are lonely, you could meet up with some single friends and rent PlayStations and be at it the entire day! Since Valentine’s this year falls in the middle of the week, heading out would be hard unless you can take off work. Otherwise, step out, overwhelm your senses with the flowers, redness and selfie-obsessed couples from all over Bangalore.

We wish couples and singles the very best this Valentine’s day!

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