5 Things To Note When Sharing Your Room With Someone

Sharing Your Room

Bangalore’s a big city, we all agree on that. And we also agree that this city has almost reached its saturation point. There are way too many people here and because of that, there aren’t enough homes to accommodate all those people unless we share our resources. Flatsharing, PGs, room sharing etc very common trends here. Even if you are in another city and are going to share your room with a stranger, the rules are still going to be the same.

This article is a mini cheat sheet of sorts that you can bookmark if you’re planning to enter into a flat-sharing or room sharing arrangement with someone who you aren’t familiar with. Remember, us Indians are huge fans of vasudhaiva kutumbakam –  or in simpler words, “the whole world is one family”. And we can always compromise a little for our family. 

So, without much ado, here are 5 tips that should make room sharing easy-peasy.


1. Get An Agreement Made

There’s a reason why we document such things. Conflict tends to arise when two very different people live in close proximity. And the landlord cannot but in each time to help you resolve said conflict. Which means agreeing upon certain things beforehand helps everyone. Sit down with your landlords, ask for his inputs, inputs of the person you plan to share your room with and add your own two cents and put that down on paper. Matters like rent, utility bills will probably be split equally between the two and it, therefore, must be documented to avoid shortcomings on either party’s side.

Sharing Your Room 1

2. Accept That There Will Be Differences

This is in a vague sense like living with a spouse. Two people from different backgrounds, with different upbringings and two entirely different cultures, when put together in a room, the differences tend to raise their heads. But it’s ok. We’re all adults and we can handle a lot more than this. 

Be respectful of each other. Converse and find out what bothers the other person. You may love noise, the other person may be the quiet one. So figure out a system together. Agree that you two will never yell, cuss or threaten the other. This is no way to treat a fellow human being and cannot be excused.

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The biggest differences that could prop up are the following –

  • Expenses
  • Timings
  • Food habits

Expenses should be equally shared between the members in a household. That way, nobody will develop an attitude of entitlement and will also use resources judiciously so that the other person gets to use it. 

Timings too can be synced. If you both had agreed to cook meals at home, you two should contribute equally. But if one person can’t get home early enough from work, that plan goes toast and the other person would have to cook or order takeout. Inconvenient either way. So have a plan. These are things that can be easily resolved with dialogue. So don’t fret it. 

Food habits. Ok, this is hard. Especially if one of you is a vegetarian and the other is a pure non-vegetarian. Mixing utensils, storing non-veg in common spots like fridge, dining area etc and even consuming in front of each other could get very uncomfortable. Experts recommend that the best way out of this is to avoid this situation altogether. Find roommates who are compatible with your lifestyle. If there is no other choice, find a method that makes you both ok, as difficult as it is, it is still doable we think. 

3. Ground Rules – Print It Out And Hang It Where Everyone Can See

Rule #1 Should be that there will be no unpleasant fights or violence. And making a poster out of ground rules actually helps. Trust us. It also helps avoid unpleasant arguments. If you breach the rules, apologise profusely. And if someone else breaks it by accident, try your best to not let it sour your relationship with them. 

When you decide the ground the rules address timings, expenses, grocery shopping, utility bills, maintenance, common area usage, borrowing things, noise levels and whatever else personally matters most to each person. 

Of all the things listed above, using resources will probably be what needs planning. You may have to share appliances, internet and more. Assign days for each other’s laundry tasks and space usage. Take turns throwing the trash out, cleaning and shopping for groceries. And try your best to stick to that. Remember, a little courtesy goes a long way. If you’re nice to the roommate, chances are high that they’ll be nice to you as well! 

4. Keeping Everything Tidy

We don’t care how messy you are in life, but if you share your space with someone else – CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. If you can’t do it, hire a maid and pay for her services. Pick up after yourself, clean up after cooking, don’t throw your things around and stay organized. That’s the least you should do when you are sharing your space with someone else. 


Nobody will find it pleasant to come home to clothes and shoes strewn around and unpleasant odours. And how do you decide if it is clean enough? Ask yourself if your mom would approve of how the flat looks. If you think she won’t, she’s probably right, so clean it up. 

5. Basic Manners FTW

Yes, you read that right. Basic manners for the win. Simple things that parents drilled into us as children will matter now. Asking before borrowing things, checking if your activities are ok with the other, willingness to accommodate their needs, and above all, approaching and speaking to each other with respect. Being nice won’t cost you anything. 

When you share your room with someone, try to remember that in a vague way, they are part of your everyday life. You may need each others assistance in case of emergencies so make an attempt to get to know each other. Avoiding each other may seem like the best way to avoid any kind of conflict but that is no way to share your room with someone else. 

Try to spend some time doing activities together on a weekly basis. Decorate together, do chores together, go grocery shopping together. Little things make the biggest impacts they say. That’s not very different in this context either. 

Embrace This! People Are Unique & Special 

Sharing Your Room 4


Don’t approach room sharing with dread. You never know who will come your way and leave a huge impact on life. As philosophical as it sounds, it is true. And on a totally irrelevant note, if you’re planning to get the furniture and appliances for your home with your roommate, don’t forget to check out Guarented and Guarented shop. Renting would obviously be the best option because you can easily split the monthly rent in half and pay us independantly. If you still insist on buying, do remember that we have a Buyback offer that lets you sell the product back to us. This will save you and your roommate from hassles of having to find a buyer and then splitting that money. 


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