5 Tips To Arrange Big Furniture In A Small Room

Not everyone gets to live in a home that’s palatial or even spacious for that matter. Cities are saturating with people which means our homes are getting smaller and everything is being made capsule sized. Homes aren’t as big as they used to be. But that’s ok, our lives are pretty comfy now so we can’t really complain too much. But a big problem with furnishing such small homes is that you can’t reduce the size of your furniture too much or it won’t seat you comfortably. Like, how much small can you make a bed? It still needs to fit a human in it, right?

So if you are wondering how to furnish a rather tiny room in your house, here are some tips that can help you with that.

#1 Don’t “Float” Anything

Yeah, we’re going to annoy a lot of interior decorators when we say this, but floating isn’t always great. Not when your room is cramped and furniture takes up 70% of the space already. For those unaware of the term floating, it essentially refers to a kind of furniture arrangement which leaves at least a 3-foot gap around it making movement and cleaning easier around that piece of furniture.

Floating sometimes makes smaller rooms look crowded and not appealing at all. Of course, buying smaller sized furniture products should solve the issue in some cases but that doesn’t work when the room is super tiny and when furniture products are already in the smallest size possible.

#2 Push Everything Towards The Wall

This is your safest best to arrange furniture in a tiny room while also making sure that there is space to move about. If you have at least three walls you can push furniture against, you should be able to have a clean arrangement. Your bed, study table, and wardrobes can be pushed against the walls (not the same wall) and the space formed in the centre of the room can then be left blank.

This also makes it easy to reach for things without moving too much and the crowded look will be avoided thanks to space in the centre.

#3 Choose Concealed Storage

Wardrobes take up space. So placing multiple wardrobes to store all your stuff could be a bad idea. Instead, use hidden storage options. Like drawers in your bed, study table, hydraulic storage under your bed etc. This doesn’t just give you more storage space, it also keeps everything neat.

Alternately, you could consider decluttering :D. Yes, it is hard to get rid of stuff that you are attached to but clutter really doesn’t help anyone. Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better once you’ve discarded things you don’t need and you’ll have more space too!

#4 Use The Right Decor

Dark colours make tiny spaces look smaller than they are and lighter colours do just the opposite. Keep that point in mind while decorating your room. Use drapes and curtains in neutral shades, avoid too many decor elements and try to be as minimalistic as possible.

Using a large mirror in one wall is a great way to create an illusion of a larger space. Hang it up on a wall and forget that there is a superstition surrounding placing mirrors opposite your bed. If you don’t want to have many individual pieces work together to create your decor theme, opt for one large potted plant (indoor one, please). That alone does wonders to brighten up any space!

#5 Think Creative, Think Vertical

Floor space is naturally limited in tiny rooms, however, you have walls with decent hight. Use them. You can mount shelves on walls, you can use hanging shelves – the options are endless when it comes to using your walls for storage and/or decor. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that such hanging fixtures don’t pose hazards or the risk of falling on the people inside the room.

Collapsible furniture is an option you can consider but they could be on the expensive side and hence, hard to afford. However, the easiest such multi-purpose furniture product you could get is a sofa bed. They’re not expensive and they can easily fit in your small bedroom.

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