5 Tips To Get A Stylish Sofa On A Budget

Stylish Sofa

Furniture is no longer just a boring functional piece that you just plonk down in your living room. They are close to art today and combine style and features in the most innovative ways possible. In a world where looks are equally important to function, furniture and sofas, in particular, have raced to keep up. Instagram-worthy sofas are a real thing now. Everyone wants a super swanky and comfortable couch that they can just sink into. However, stylish furniture often comes with hefty price tags. So if you’re trying to get your hands on a designer sofa without spending too much, here’s what you can do.

1. Design Your Own Furniture

Yep, you heard it right. When you use your own designs you also get to be judicious with the materials you use. You don’t have to buy bigger pieces because they are the standard size. And when you buy bigger pieces, the materials used would be more and thus, that would reflect on the price. When you use your own designs and dimensions, you will spend only what you need. Plus you can use for budget-friendly materials and thus bring down the overall cost by a considerable margin. The best part is that you’ll get to own something unique and suited for your needs at much less a price!

Now, you’ll be wondering how to find someone who can make furniture according to your designs/sketches. Don’t worry! We’re happy to let you know that Guarented now makes custom furniture and that we’re open to taking orders from people like you!

2. DIY Revamp

Give your old furniture a makeover. Sometimes spray paints, stencils, brushes and your creativity is all that you need to turn things from boring to beautiful. Turn to the internet for inspiration. There are dedicated forums for furniture revamp and makeovers and with a little patience, you can do something awesome too!

If your old sofa is in a solid color, and if the number of tears and dents are negligible, you should have an easy start. Otherwise, fixing the damages comes first and that might require professional help.



3. Purchase From E-commerce Sites

Not established design homes that also happen to have an online platform for their stuff. Opt for companies that specialize in producing budget-friendly furniture products. Such companies, get to cut back on showroom costs, staff salaries, and other intermediary expenses. So the final price of the product, a sofa, in this case, will be a lot less than if you were to shop from the showroom of a famous furniture brand.

Companies like Guarented, who are into manufacturing their own furniture, make it a point to keep the price really affordable. The whole idea is to sell great furniture at budget-friendly prices and make the good stuff available to everyone



4. Rent It From Guarented

If your requirement is short term and if you do not want to go through the hassles of disposing of off your furniture once you are done using it, renting is your best bet. At a fraction of the MRP, you get to take home designer furniture and enjoy it as if you owned it. And what’s best is that you can ignore the troubles of ownership like getting repairs done or maintenance checks done. When you rent from Guarented, you can merely give us a call and we’ll have the repairs and maintenance done for you. Quickly hop on to Guarented’s rental platform and browse some amazing sofas!

5. Buy Second Hand Furniture

As long as the seller has a good reputation, second-hand furniture should be an ok buy. But make sure that you do your research thoroughly. Check the vendor/company reviews. Look for people’s testimonials and closely examine all the pictures put up by the seller. A company which specializes in refurbishing furniture should be a better choice than a seller who just collects furniture and sells it off without improving it much. If you can get some form of service warranty, then it is a better deal. It all boils down to how great the seller’s reputation is and how much you trust their post-sale services.

Check Out Brand New Sofas On Guarented

Guarented has the most amazing collection of designer sofas that are so Insta-worthy. And it’s not just their looks that are great. They are built to perfection by talented artisans, craftsmen, and technicians and then subjected to stringent QA tests. Which is why we do not hesitate to provide an entire year’s worth of service warranty and a buyback guarantee to provide our customers with additional budget protection.

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