5 Tips To Party Safe This New Year

It’s almost time to bid goodbye to 2019. Phew! This year quite literally flew past us in the blink of an eye, right? Before we even finished listing the resolutions for this year, 2020 has come knocking on our doors. Team Guarented has had a great year. We’ve added so many more products, we launched in a new city, we started a franchise partnership program – overall, pretty great year. But we understand that not everyone has had the best time, and if you fall into that category and if 2019 has not been your year, we want you to know that you have our sympathies. But like the wise French folks said, C’est La Vie! Such is life and we sincerely hope and pray that 2020 brings new opportunities and much joy to your life.

As we all know, for centuries, the New Year has always been welcomed with many festivities and parties. And partying is quite the craze in Indian metro cities. So as a startup with a sense of responsibility towards its young followers, we wanted to put together a quick list of ways to make sure you stay safe while you party hard. Yeah, we know, we’re sounding like every Desi parent ever, but we can’t help. We’re seriously worried about the safety of those around us and we did not want to skip an article on New Yea’s eve safety tips. So if you are planning to party at home, or outside of your home, you definitely got to read this.

1. A man takes a drink, the drink takes a drink, the drink takes the man

This proverb should not be taken lightly. We’ve all heard and probably even experienced our fair share of traumatizing events post heavy drinking. It is probably best to avoid alcohol or anything intoxicating. Or if you must, then make sure to always consume it responsibly. We know that it is drilled into our head that you must never drive after a few drinks and thanks to Uber & Ola, hailing a cab back home should not be hard.

But for extra safety, it would be wise to have a teetotaller in the group. These guys may seem boring, but they will most certainly be great at getting everyone’s homes in a single piece. 

2. Don’t Be A Public Nuisance

Noise, eve-teasing, catcalling, destruction of public property and other crimes see a surge during New Year’s eve. Some are intentional, some are under the influence of alcohol. Whichever be the case, this can never be excused in the name of merry-making. Do not invade another human’s personal space, do not cause injury or harm to others, do not ever create a ruckus wherever you are. It is best to avoid fireworks, firearms, music loud enough to rattle everything and every activity that would disturb another person and/or animals in the vicinity.

No responsible human should ever inconvenience another human. That should be the motto of your festivities. Everything is fine as long as it is not illegal and the people involved are consenting adults. 

3. Stay Home

There’s no shame in welcoming the New Year in a quiet fashion. After all, the calendar we follow is a human invention. No harm will befall you if you don’t celebrate during New Year’s eve. In fact, you may even save up on some cash and on a major cleaning up activity the very next day. If you do want some partying, put together an easy meal ( Google for inspiration) and have some friends come over. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting a cab back home or about running into unpleasant people! 

If you’ve got family at home and you are inviting other families over, make sure to make some plans for the kids as well. Simple games, easy snacks, and maybe even a comfy space for them to crash are easy to arrange. 

4.  Protect Yourself & Others

There’s a good chance that not everyone will be on their best behavior. Dear sisters & brothers, there’s no harm in arming yourself with a can of pepper spray if need be. Move around in groups, avoid areas that seem shady and be alert around strangers you just met. Have a safety contact as a backup. Tell a friend or family member to check on you regularly and to raise an alarm in case you aren’t heard from. Crimes against women, in particular, have risen alarmingly over the last decade and so we request everyone to watch out for the safety of everyone else around you as well. If you see someone being made uncomfortable by another person, intervene and check in on them. Do not hesitate to call the police or alert others if you feel something fishy is happening or if you think someone is in danger. One act on your part could save someone’s life. Let that never skip your mind. 

5. Skip The Celebrations, Maybe?

Sorry, we know this is an article on how to party safe, but given the current environment in our country, partying is probably not very welcome. Of course, you are absolutely free to do whatever you want as long as it is legal and nobody else is affected badly. But think of all the people who are facing difficulties now and of those who have had a horrible 2019. If you fall into that category, please use this time to reach out to someone and work on your mental health instead. There will always be a solution no matter how bad the problem may seem. Skip the celebrations and use that time to plan your future or doing something that truly makes you happy.

2020 Will Be The Best!

Yes, we know that there are talks about an ‘impending recession that is looming over us’. India is facing some pressing and alarming issues, and much sh*t is hitting the fan across the globe. But remember, if humans put their heads together and help each other out, nothing is impossible. Hell, we put ourselves on the moon ( unless of course, the moon-landing was fake) so world peace and happiness can’t be that hard, right? 

While we’re discussing New Year, we’d also like to touch on the topic of resolutions ( don’t you dare roll your eyes!). This year, why not make meaningful resolutions that impact not just you as an individual but the world as a whole. Resolve to reduce the waste you generate in your everyday life, resolve to use as little plastic as possible, maybe try alternatives that are cruelty-free or even very easy resolutions like – “I’ll make one person smile today”. These may seem silly, but if everyone does this collectively, the world truly would be a wonderful place!

And that’s all we have for this article. Team Guarented wishes every single one of you the very best for 2020. May all your dreams come true and may the New Year bring nothing but prosperity & happiness your way.


Team Guarented.

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