5 Tips To Store More With Wall Shelves

Gah! Storage! Can’t do with it can’t do without it! When designing homes, three things get prime brainstorming  – budget, aesthetic & STORAGE! Thanks to some fine architects from across the world, storage solutions have evolved quite a lot from their early days. The past decade alone has seen everything from a lone chair being the sole storage solution to well-built, custom, modular wardrobes that can even safely contain radioactive elements. 

Jokes apart, there’s no denying the important role shelves and wardrobes, and even their ancient cousin, cupboards, play in our everyday lives. Storage solutions are vital to keeping our belongings organized, sorted, clean & most importantly safe. However, with increasing space constraints, especially in cities, homes have become smaller and capsule-sized. Furniture, household products, and even appliances are coming up with space-efficient designs so that they can easily be accommodated into your average 2-bhk apartments. However, since wardrobes come with a bit of floor space utilization, it poses a problem in homes where the carpet area is on the lower side. 

Thankfully, we have an awesome solution to this – Wall shelves! Wall shelves are often mounted vertically, on the walls as evident from the name and therefore require little to zero floor space. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and can be customized based on their specific storage requirements. Let’s take a look at how wall shelves help store more in various rooms in a regular home.

1. Kitchens

You can never have enough storage space in a kitchen. While utensils get prime real estate, everything from spices to napkins to other essential commodities needs to be stowed away in a clean dry space. To achieve that, overhead cabinets & wall shelves are the best. In fact, here are some pictures of how vertical storage is ideal for small kitchens.



2. Bedroom

This one is hard. Because you do need proper wardrobes to store your clothes and stuff. Covered storage is best for clothing and accessories because otherwise keeping it tidy and presentable will take a lot of time. But for other personal belongings like jewelry, coats and maybe even handbags, wall shelves are great. In fact, you can use wall shelves to not just store, but to also display your priced pieces. Take a look at these pics!



3. Study

The study is probably the best candidate for wall shelves because often the smallest room gets allocated as the study and space is obviously a constraint. Books, files, tech accessories and collaterals are the primary stuff inside a study and all of them thankfully can be stored in wall shelves. 

Books look best when stored in open wall shelves because they not only add aesthetic value, it also makes it easier to find them if you store them sideways. Files & folders too are best stored vertically unless its a secret file with some nuclear codes on it. In this case, the best way to store them would be in a secret vault in the Swiss bank maybe.



4. Bathroom

Need we say much about this? Bathroom products are best stored on the walls and in a covered fashion because any contact with a wet floor is bad news. For years, most bathroom cabinets have been wall-mounted & come with doors to keep it dry. Of late, we have some fancy wall shelves for bathrooms & they’re great. In fact, some companies also go to the extent of manufacturing custom designs for individual customers. Here are some great designs for bathroom shelves. 



5. Living Room

The living room doesn’t need storage per se, but it is the one room that makes an impression on your guests. This is the space where the essence of your personality or your family is displayed. So apart from regulars like magazines, newspapers and other little objects, the rest of the focus is often on displaying knick-knacks. And what better way is there to do that than with wall shelves. Wall shelves for living rooms come in the largest varieties when compared to shelves designed for other rooms. They have better aesthetics & functionalities, so it would not be a problem finding one that suits your needs.

Living Room


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