5 Wedding Gifts For Every Budget!

Wedding season is officially here and we can see social media flooding with offers from clothing and jewelry businesses. Indian weddings are big events that require days of planning and prep. Which is why attending a wedding is a lot more fun than organizing one. And as a guest at an Indian wedding, a gift for the newlyweds is mandatory (unless explicitly mentioned that you should not bring gifts). Which brings us to the topic we’re discussing today. What are wedding gifts you can gift your friends on their wedding without denting your budgets too much?

Well, we have some ideas!

“His & Hers” Merchandise

There are a lot of options you can find in this these – mug sets, bedding set, towels, and a lot of cute stuff. They are not only cute they also make for fun photo props that the couple can click photos with. And then there’s the fact that they won’t be confused about which mug is theirs. Similarly, you can also find Mr & Mrs merchandise which is equally cute and fun. The best part about this range is that it has some uber affordable stuff – the mug sets cost less than 500 bucks!



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Functional Kitchenware

Yeah, yeah pressure cookers and spatulas sound awfully boring, but do you know how useful they are? The previous generation did figure it out well and gifted stuff that was very useful to people who were starting out together on a new life. Kitchen utensils, small appliances like coffee makers, electric whisks, induction cooktops, etc are immensely useful to everyone!



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Yass! Furniture and appliances are going to be the second biggest expenses couples face when setting up a home ( the first being deposit for a house). If you can provide them with any form of furniture it would be a great help to young couples. You don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks, you can polish something you have but don’t use and gift it as a hand-me-down. Or you can buy smaller items such as bedside tables, barware, bean bags, and other budget-friendly items.

Furniture! 1

Photo Frames

Super affordable and always up on display in the couple’s new home! Wedding pics, prewedding shots, save the date shots – all of these will generate some memorable photographs that the newlyweds would love putting up on display. So a photo frame, a nice classy one at that, will always be highly appreciated!


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Gift Coupons

All e-commerce sites – Flipkart, Amazon, and other popular ones have gift cards that come in various amounts. Some start as low as INR 500/- and can go up to quite a lot. These are convenient if you aren’t very close to the newlyweds and thus, have no idea what their likes and dislikes are. The coupons give the couple an opportunity to get whatever they want and they’ll still be grateful to you for the gift coupon :).

Let The Celebrations Begin!

Irrespective of whether the bride and groom are close to you or not, if you get invited, you have to show up and bless them with all the love. Weddings are beautiful events which bring together families, friends and everyone connected to the bride and groom in a memorable way. So get a gift, dress up, attend the wedding, bless the couple and enjoy some great food!

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