6 Most Important Items Every New Home Must Have

Every one of us dreams of owning our own house and doing it up in the furniture and appliances of our choice. Although we work towards this dream, it often takes us a while to realise it. That is why renting homes is always the first option. Renting household items must be the next. It isn’t necessary to buy everything for the home when you start out. Starting your home with the barest of necessities saves money and is affordable. Below are a few important items that a home must have


Setting up of a new home is a tedious task and we often take care of the barest essentials. What we often miss are the seating options. Making do with basic bedding on the floor works, but isn’t comfortable for the long term. Homeowners need to take care of basic seating – a few stools, a loveseat, small sofa set – to ensure there’s a place to rest after coming home from work. Functional seating is even better because such furniture fulfils several functions. An example for this is a futon that doubles up as a bed or sofas that can be moved around to create additional space for guests.


A fridge is one appliance that is never considered important till the need for cooking and food storage arises. Refrigerators come in various sizes and are a godsend especially to store food when it is difficult to cook daily. This appliance also holds essential items needed daily such as milk, eggs, meat and other frozen items that cannot be kept out for very long.


Washing and drying clothes are almost a daily affair especially in homes with children or the elderly. Hand washing can be done when the need arises, but try washing clothes after a tiring day at work and the resultant pile-up of unwashed laundry is as scary as it is tedious. Washing machines are important in a home especially for women who juggle several other things in the house. It is one of the most basic appliances any home needs.


Most of us that move into a new home manage cooking and to live with the basics. Dining with the family happens on the floor or on sofa sets, but this cannot be practised for months together. Dining tables and chairs are very important to bring the family together for food. Dining tables can double up as work tables whenever the need arises.


Basic pots and pans, knives and spoons are an absolute must for the cooking space. A basic pair of essential cookware not just makes cooking easy, but can be used for multiple purposes. Skillets and saucepans in two sizes, cutting board and a good set of knives and plates can be used for cooking and serving at any time.


What’s a home without a proper space to get a good night’s rest? Be it curl up after a hard day at work, or to catch up on your health while sick, a bed, a mattress and a pillow are compulsory for any home. They needn’t be elaborate, fancy ones. Simple ones like the one we have would be more than appropriate for your sleeping needs.

Buying furniture and appliances needs plenty of investment. One way of enjoying the services they provide is by renting them out, and Guarented provides the right kind of platform to rent any basic essential items your house needs.

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