6 Smart Reasons Why You Should Get A Microwave Oven

Until about a decade ago, setting up a functional kitchen was touch. You needed to get necessary utensils, you needed to get a stove and let’s not even begin discussing the hassles associated with getting a new gas connection. A lot of singles just cave in and order take out every day because of the sheer effort needed in setting up a kitchen. Thankfully, microwave ovens made a grand entry into our lives and literally changed the way how cooking was done. These days you can set up a kitchen if you buy a microwave oven online along with some ceramic/glass or even Tupperware utensils. That’s all!

If you aren’t convinced enough about microwave ovens, here are 6 reasons why microwaves are the smartest way you can equip your kitchen with.

#1 No Fuel Needed!

All that a microwave oven needs are a little space on the countertop and some electricity. And they are good to go. No need to compile documents to prove address and identity and then running behind LPG agents to get a connection. You can start cooking the moment a microwave oven comes home!

This not only saves hassles, but it also saves money. With rising prices of crude oil, all its byproducts – petrol, diesel, and even LPG are rising in prices. Microwaves help you cut back on fuel prices and leaves near next to zero negative footprints as fumes and smoke are absent when cooking in them.

#2 Minimal Utensils

High-grade plastic, ceramic and glass containers, even the ones used for storage are all that’s needed to cook inside a microwave. You can never place a glass bowl on fire and try to cook something. You’ll need to invest in non-stick cookware or other appropriate vessels. Whereas inside a microwave oven, metal is a strict no-no. Which means you need not buy additional Tawas or nonstick cookware to prepare food inside a microwave oven.

This gives a huge benefit to singles and individuals who try to keep minimal stuff with themselves. A few ceramic mugs, plates and bowls are quite enough to manage cooking with a microwave.

#3 Compact & Portable

Imagine having to shift homes with the regular kitchen set up. The stove, the huge LPG cylinder, all those utensils – you’ll definitely need to hire a truck. On the other hand, microwaves are compact, comparatively lightweight and can be moved easily.

This is yet another plus for singles and young adults who are constantly on the move and would still like to do their own cooking instead of ordering takeout often.

#4 Loaded With Features

Microwaves have come a long way from what they were a decade ago. Today, higher variants have pre-programmed cooking functions that can do anything from cooking rice to baking a cake. All of this can be done by pushing a few buttons and requires minimal monitoring from humans.

Convection microwave ovens can handle at least 100 different recipes and are very efficient when it comes to consistency and speed. It is safe to say that if you invest in one convection microwave, almost all your cooking needs will be sorted out.

#5 Super Affordable

Unlike the regular kitchen set up which takes up to 20k to purchase, and a few additional thousands for utensils and fuel (which is a recurring expense). Microwaves are a lot less cheap because they don’t incur recurring costs like LPG prices. If you spend once on a microwave, you’re good to go for a few years.

The very high-end versions cost around 30k but you can get a basic convection model in 20k or even less should you choose to buy a second-hand model. Microwaves are pretty solid devices, with a little care and maintenance, they last well up to 5-6 years.

#6 Easy To Maintain

Cleaning a microwave oven is a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is take a small bowl of water, add a few lemon slices to it and microwave this for 2 mins. Once done, wipe the insides with a sponge and all kinds of oily residue will be sponged up instantly.

It really doesn’t take much to use or maintain a microwave which kind of makes it ideal for singles and busy adults who just don’t have the time or inclination to maintain a full-fledged kitchen.

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