7 Easy Home Hacks for Saving Electricity

Among the many things we take for granted, electricity is a given. Yes, we do pay bills and any changes in payment then leads us to find probable cause and what we can do to minimise any leakage or source of excessive electricity use. Yet, do we all really know where the leakages happen and how it could be prevented? Most importantly, can we save money by some easy home hacks?


Windows aren’t just enough to let the light in. They are also temperature regulators. During summer, they let in heat, and in winters, the chill runs through our bones. Windows when cleverly used, can help save much money that otherwise goes into driving fans and home heating. By creating special plastic window covers, or even using blankets to cover windows during winters and damp cloths during summers, they help in reducing electricity bill and regulating home temperature.


A significant amount of monthly expenditure on electricity bills, goes into running appliances. Although there is no alternative to washing clothes except by that of the washing machine, dryers are redundant in a country like India where the sun is in abundance. By drying clothes naturally, you aren’t just saving on electricity but also allowing the sun to sterilise clothes, killing off bacteria that may not have gone from the washing process.


Light bulbs are energy guzzlers, and while regular lighting has significantly been replaced by LED, there is much that still needs to be done. Compact fluorescent lights or CFL and LED’s use almost 80% less energy and this ensures much savings. They run longer, have a longer shelf life and are safe for the environment too.


How many times have you switched off the TV by remote but let the mains remain? Although we may be very careful when it comes to appliances lingering unnecessarily, most of us don’t switch off the mains plug boards. Power strips that have many different appliances plugged in, and are left to run and guzzle energy continuously. Called ‘vampire devices’, they are created in such a way so as to keep going infinitely and power up immediately. It is important to switch off this power strip once the work is done.


The temperature of water when washing clothes by hand doesn’t seem to be that big a deal. When it comes to washing machines it is significant. Studies have shown that almost 80% energy a washing machine guzzles is because of the temperature settings it works with. Washing in cold water is doable and clothes get washed just as good as warm water.


Opening freezers throws out all the cold air frequently, and warming the air uses electricity again. This means that the freezer will have to work twice harder when shut again. Electricity is continuously used and this adds to the bills. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to pack freezer with many products. More the products, less will the cold escape and less will be the energy used to run the appliance. 


With the excessive amount of use of electricity, the day isn’t too far where the demand outweighs the supply. Solar energy is a very good option for all kinds of energy needs in the home. Harnessing the power of the sun, saves money, helps go green and also keeps you and your family self reliant.

What are the other ways we can bring down home electricity bills? Could you share some of your hacks with us too? We will feature them next week.

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