A bunch of letters from our Happy Customers

Positive feedback is often what keeps companies and people motivated. We are no different. In the span of our tenure, we’ve come across some great reviews. But of late, we’ve been getting reviews or rather stories from our beloved customers on how Guarented played a part in making their lives considerably easier. More than motivation, it gives us a sense of accomplishment. After all, this is why we started Guarented

From the Guarented family, here’s the first of many customer success stories that we will be sharing with you all. These are not mere stories to us, these are a pat of appreciation on our backs for a job well done and a company well run. 

The Architect Who Loves Guarented

Hi, my name is Anusha and I am an architect based out of Bangalore. I’m here to share the story of my initiation into Bangalore life and how Guarented played a role in it. This isn’t a magical or miraculous story, but a simple retelling of how a company helped me during a time of need.

Like many young people who arrive in Bangalore for a job or studies, I ended up here for my first job. I was pretty much on my own and I had to arrange everything for myself.

Most newbies in Bangalore depend on the Internet to find accommodation, and I was no different. I turned to the internet too, to help me find a rented property somewhere near my office. I browsed endless websites, viewed photos of properties and finally when I visited the places I liked, I painfully realised that the pictures are a stark contrast to what they were in reality.

Besides, pictures cannot really tell you if the neighborhood was safe or if residents would be welcoming of an outsider. That made me go for the expensive alternative – real estate agents. Some of the agents charge upto a month’s worth of rent as fee, which surprisingly is the norm in Bangalore. Well, all done and dusted, I did manage to find a place that I thought was safe and secure while being reasonably close to my office.

And then came the biggest hurdle – furnishing the house and making it functional. I mean, what use is a house that doesn’t have the provision to clean, feed and refresh me? I need appliances and furniture. Some, thankfully, were provided by my landlord, but what I needed the most was a refrigerator and buying one was out of question for me.

I didn’t have the time or the inclination to go around looking for second hand refrigerators. Neither did I trust that such fridges would function properly. I needed something dependable without having to spend on a new fridge. And I needed it fast. Nobody needs to go through the hassles of having to find household appliances and furniture when they are already overworked and stressed on the professional front.

And that’s when I turned to millennial’s most trusted solution provide – Google! The search results lead me to Guarented and a few seconds on the site was all it took to convince me that this was the best company to rent appliances and furniture from. The prices were the lowest compared to similar platforms, yet the product quality seemed great. The website promised quick delivery, prompt customer service, free pickup and relocation even!

Naturally, I had some questions because I had never rented a fridge before and so I decided to call up their customer care number. What followed was probably one of the best services I have received as a customer.

I spoke to a gentleman named Mr. Jiwan, he was then the Support Manager for Guarented. He was very patient and polite and cleared every question I had. This encouraged me to use their services and boy! I am glad that I did rent my refrigerator with them. Service was exceptional and the fridge too, was in great condition.

I did subsequently need a minor repair. As promised, Guarented did the repairs for me free of cost. At that point, I realized that Guarented has a solid customer service team that placed the customer above all.

Shortly after that, I was requested by my employer to go to Gurgaon for a short assignment. As I didn’t want to continue paying rent for my house in Bangalore, I broke the lease with my landlord and proceeded to head to Gurgaon for my assignment. All the furniture I rented from Guarented was picked up by their logistics team and I could not have for a more convenient arrangement.

I returned soon after and found that my landlord had still not found a suitable tenant for the property I was previously renting. I jumped up at the opportunity but this time, the landlord had made the apartment fully furnished. Which meant that I no longer needed to rent products from Guarented.

I first used Guarented’s services in the year 2013 or early 2014, at a time when I was super busy setting up my home and easing into the new job. Their services greatly helped me and saved me from the strain of having to look around for a fridge and for having to look around for a technician when it needed repairs. Guarented helped me at a time of need.

I went to recommend Guarented to many of my friends, who in turn found them to be as awesome as I said. In future, if I ever need to rent appliances or furniture, I would definitely rely on Guarented. They are awesome!

Team Guarented is not only happy to share this story with you, we are also humbled. This story tells us that we were about to make a difference in someone’s life and it means the world to us. If you’ve used our services and loved us, we would die to hear your story! Do get in touch with us if you’d like to get featured in a Customer Success Story like this one.


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