A Guide For Working (From Home) Parents

Yes, the pandemic is still one and it does not seem like it will end anytime soon. Even though it’s been months since the lockdown commenced, many are still trying to balance both work and professional life, along with many other circumstantial issues and the constant worry for falling sick. It is not an easy time at all. With our work life and home life completely merged into a single entity, many are finding it hard to manage both. Especially young parents who have kids who need them constantly. Parenting is a beautiful journey, but it does have its challenges. Add a pandemic to the bag of challenges and we have a classic stress test.

If you are someone juggling parenting, home management, and professional commitments, you would already be aware of the difficulties. We’re here to help. Here are a few tips that could help ease your stress a bit.

1. Set A Schedule

If you rolled your eyes at this one, we’re sorry. Yes, everyone knows this, but the execution is hard. We understand that. However, most parents tell us that you are at your productive best when the kids are safely tucked in bed. So if you could wake up a few hours before they’re up to or stay up a few hours post they’ve slept would be great. 

You only have a few hours window either way so you’ll need to make sure that these few hours are planned out properly.

2. Dedicated Workspace

Do you know how you sit at your desk in the office and feel productive instantly? Yeah, that’s the effect a workspace has on you. Your brain goes into work mode when you’re in a space dedicated to professional commitments. Likewise, not having a work station set up at home could pose a few challenges.

You could easily get distracted. You might end up sitting in a bad position and get all kinds of chronic conditions that affect your back, joints, and overall health adversely. And you could also become slow at finishing tasks that you were otherwise adept at doing. 

However, we understand that before the pandemic not many of us gave thought to set up a home office because it wasn’t needed. Now that it has become a necessity, we also have to take the costs of office furniture into consideration. Here’s where Guarented would love to help you out. Guarented offers premium office furniture both on sale and on rent. Our products are affordable and come with great post-sales services and warranty. In under a few clicks, you can have a workstation set up at home!

3. Keep The Kids Happily Occupied

The Internet is a wonderful place to find ways to keep toddlers and even older kids productively occupied. From fun toddler activities to printable sheets with academic tasks, it’s got everything you need. You can also use the power of social media to connect with pages and profiles that conduct interactive sessions for our little ones. 

What works best according to experts is to make sure that your child understands your time constraints. Have a talk with them if they are old enough to understand and make it clear that work is important to support your family and that you should be undisturbed during your working hours. In lieu of good behavior, don’t forget to reward them. And also make sure that at least for several hours a day, they have your undivided attention. Children are wonderful little blessings. You’ll be surprised how much they’d be willing to help out once they understand your predicament.

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