Affordable Home Study Designs

When global governments kickstarted lockdowns to keep its citizens safe from the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, little did we know that we would soon have our lives turned upside down. Now, several weeks into the lockdown, employed individuals who had to work from home are starting to realize the importance of having a good workspace within their homes. Unlike in an office setting, you’re not removed from your personal life and you are not far away from your family. This means that you may be interrupted often and sometimes, productivity takes a hit. If you’re trying to set a study in your home on a small budget, here are some ideas that can help.

A Furniture Upgrade

The right furniture makes a world of difference. Thankfully, with companies like Guarented, who craft products with the average Indian in mind, affordable furniture is a mere click away. In fact, all the products we craft under the office category are open to customization. We understand that everyone has different requirements and we’d be more than happy to cater to your specific furniture needs.

Now if you were someone who rarely worked from home before and lacks the space for a workstation at home, we recommend going for folding desks for something like a mobile working station. Guarented’s Avenger’s laptop table is something like that designed with dynamic individuals in mind. It’s compact, affordable, and perfect for those who love a combination of sleek and functional.

The Right Ambiance

The ambiance is a blanket term that covers many aspects. Out of all such aspects, lighting plays an important role. If you don’t have the provision to make changes in lighting, invest in a good desk lamp, or even a floor lamp. If you have an entire room to use as your study, we recommend giving the room a fresh coat of paint too. Preferably a color that you like and is, therefore, likely to stimulate you to bring out the productive version of you.

And Finally, Personalise!

We cannot stress enough on the importance of personalizing your workstation. There are many studies that indicate a lack of a mental break from work leading to a bad burnout. To avoid that, make sure you hang pictures of your loved ones, an artifact close to you, or something related to your hobby. Briefly glancing at these will help give your brain a respite. 

Affordable Home Study Designs

Get In Touch With Guarented For Stellar Home Office Spaces

There’s a lot of talk about how the near future will see more and more people working from home. So if you want to go all the way out and get a home office designed, we totally recommend it. In fact, we urge you to use your time during lockdown productively and to start planning your home office renovation right away! Get in touch with Guarented’s in-house team of designers to work out something that suits your budget and your ideas

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