All About Cushions & Cushion Covers For Modern Sofas

Nothing makes a couch more inviting than a bunch of stylish throw pillows arranged playfully on it. Our in-house design team believes that cushions are the most underrated decor item ever! They can amp up the vibrancy, tone down the color, set the mood, support your back/neck/arms, and do so much more than just appeal to you visually. Today, we thought we’ll bring you an article about how versatile cushions and cushions covers are and how you can incorporate them into your living room to enhance the appeal!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: What’s The Goal?

This needs to be the first thing you address before you play around with cushions. Are we aiming to increase the comfort level? Are we trying to add a pop of color because your living room looks monotonous? Are we trying to tone down a sofa that’s heavy on the prints/colors?

Figure out your requirement and once that is done, what follow next is to decide what size of cushions we’re going for. Thankfully, e-commerce platforms have made it super easy to source cushions that range from 12inchs to 24inches and maybe even bigger ones! Cushions also come in various quality levels. Premium ones with a feather-filling (the imported kind) to simple, breathable cotton, your options are endless!

With the size, quality, and purpose of the cushions figured out, let’s move on to step 2.

Step 2: The Cushion Cover

This is the single most important thing which decides how a cushion looks externally. Three important things you need to keep in mind are –

  • Blend with the existing colors if you want a harmonious look. Or pick a contrast color if you want to add a splash of vibrant hue.
  • Prints are fun. But they get redundant easily. Aim for the same print in various colors. Or different prints in coordinated colors.
  • Tassels, mirrors, pom-poms are all great for enhancing the visual appeal. However, comfort should never trump mere appearance.
  • Maintenance is key. If you have pets/kids who may easily stain/tear or damage your cushions, best opt for affordable, easy to clean cushion covers.

We’re also happy to report that Guarented will be more than happy to do an entire customized sofa with each material and design tailor-made to meet your preferences. Just drop us an email at and we’ll get started. And yes, we can do funky prints on cushions too.

Step 3: Change Frequently But Change Wisely

Many homeowners prefer to have their cushions reflect seasons, festivities, and on-going trends. This probably means that you’ll need more than just 2 sets of cushion covers. While you don’t need to change cushion covers every day, we still recommend that you change once a month. And to do that, it’s best to have a spare set.

This spare set too should be carefully picked. We’re sure we don’t have to say this. But if it clashes with the color palette of your room or if it is uncomfortable, you’ll just end up attacking the vibe of your living room and we definitely don’t want that. 

Channel Your Inner Persona

If Google is your best friend, just type “Cushion ideas for into Google and let the search engine and the collective wisdom of netizens guide you on your styling task. It’s not that hard to find inspiration online. And most e-commerce platforms should have a healthy collection of cushion covers and throw pillows in all kinds of styles and budgets. In other words, go ahead and experiment away! We’re sure you’ll nail it!

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