All You Need To Know About Guarented Buyback Policy

What’s your biggest fear when you think about purchasing a second hand or used household product? Bad quality? Poor after sales service? Lack of demand when you sell it as a second hand yourself? Whatever the reason it, it most usually boils down to wastage of money. For long, Indians had a derogatory emotion associated with using second-hand goods. Thankfully, that is being fast discarded. And why wouldn’t it be? Second hand goods these days sell quite well because people today are very conscious about spending unnecessarily. With companies like Guarented stepping into the used goods space and providing enough benefits to put brand new goods to shame, it’s no surprise that used goods are growing in demand.


As you know, Guarented has been one of the leading players in Bangalore when it comes to renting and buying household appliances. And why wouldn’t we be? We have some of the best products and the best possible perks to go with it. Here’s a brief overview of what we offer –

  • Products in outstanding quality
  • Free delivery & free pickup
  • Excellent customer support
  • A 24-hr no questions asked return policy
  • Free service warranty for up to a year
  • And above all, a buyback guarantee!

The Guarented Buyback Policy

This is one of the biggest distinguishing factors of our brand. Most sellers do not give free service warranties on used goods let alone the guarantee that they will take back the product for a predetermined sum of money. With Guarented, you get that luxury. We are a company that never compromises on quality. And as a mark of our confidence in our products, we not only give a free service warranty, we go an extra step and agree to buy it back from you for a predetermined sum of money.


For folks who only have the short-term requirement for household goods, say for a period of less than a year or at max a few years, it makes no sense to buy brand new goods. The best alternative is to buy used goods or rent them. However, such people might find it difficult to sell those goods once again given that they are already under the second-hand category. This usually forces people to buy brand new ones just to have that “resale value”. Naturally, this causes people to lose out on a lot of money.

This is precisely what the Guarented Buyback policy saves. It not only helps people avoid the hassles of having to advertise, negotiate and ultimately settle with what the buyers say, the policy also guarantees a certain sum ahead of purchase.Once a customer has decided that a product purchased from us is no longer required, he can just have a buyback visit arranged and subsequently have the product picked back up for the quoted sum of money.

How Does The Buyback Policy Work

As you may know already, Guarented is very stringent about our product quality. Which is also one of the reasons why we forayed into furniture manufacturing in the recent past. It helps us immensely to product pieces that are affordable but of commendable quality, We are confident that our products are durable and efficient.

Most of the products on our site come with a buyback guarantee and products that qualify for it will have a badge indicating that next to one. When you buy such products, here’s what you get.


1) All products that qualify for buyback will have the regular free service warranty.
2) Should you choose to end using the product within a six (6) months of buying it, you will be eligible for a buyback price of 70% of the sum you paid for the product at the time of sale.
3) If you choose to sell the product back to us anytime after 6 months, you will be eligible for a buyback price of 60% of sales price.

Kindly note, irrespective of when you choose to sell back your product, this will be the formality we stick to.

  • As soon as a buyback request is raised, we will schedule a visit with our representative to inspect the product.
  • The rep will then conduct a thorough inspection of the product to determine the current condition vs the condition at the time of sale.
  • Should the product be in somewhat the same condition as it is ( don’t worry, we excuse regular wear and tear), you will be given the promised amount.
  • If there is considerable deterioration in the product’s condition, a new price will be quoted.
  • If you are happy with the price, we will then proceed with the sale.


Buyback policy stands valid for a period of one (1) year only. Post that, the buyback policy stands canceled.


Get Started Right Away!

Waste no time, start browsing the awesome Guarented Shop for amazing products and insane discounts. Don’t forget that we’re experts at manufacturing furniture too. So if you want something custom made, we’re here to help you out. And we’re generous with our discounts too so be assured that we’ll cater expertly to your requirements. Thank and happy shopping with Guarented!

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