Are Fully Furnished Homes A Bad Idea? Let’s Find Out.

Allow us to clarify that we’re talking about renting a fully furnished home and not buying one. It is true that fully furnished homes are high on convenience because you save copious amounts of time when you skip the whole task of sourcing furniture, appliances, and anything else your home may need. However, fully furnished homes get rented out at extremely inflated prices making them an unwise choice in the financial sense.

However, as we mentioned before, not everyone has the time to go to stores physically or shop online. This trouble is what fully furnished homes attempt to solve. But what if there’s was a more budget-friendly way to solve the furnishing conundrum? Here are some expert tips for your perusal.

#1. Fully Furnished Homes Overlook Your Personal Preferences

You have limited say in the type, style, or quality of furniture and appliances that come with the home. And if the items don’t meet your expectations or requirements, you might have to spend a substantial amount to upgrade them. You really need to ask yourself if you’re willing to pay all that money on furniture and appliances that may not be ideal for you. 

Yet another issue with a fully furnished home is that many times the furnishings would have been owned by the landlord which means if you end up causing damages to the items, you may have to pay from your pockets for any repairs. The better option would always be to opt for an unfurnished home and then rent the appliances and furniture yourself.

#2 Readymade Rental Combos Are The Ideal Solution

Companies like Guarented have readymade 1, 2 & 3 BHK homes which offer not just convenience but also a wide selection of products that you can select according to your budget. These packages also come in lite and premium versions and make it easier for the user to upgrade as per convenience. In addition to this, you get the obvious benefits of renting which include affordability, convenience, doorstep delivery, easy returns & more!

We recommend that you take a look at our collection of appliance and furniture combos that will cater to your household needs. You can even pick and choose everything separately and rent them for the best prices in town!

#3 The Convenience Of Service & Maintenance

All products rented from Guarented qualify for periodic service and maintenance. All you need to do is get in touch with us when you need assistance. Our team will schedule a visit and help you out. We also have an easy upgrade option which means you can opt for a higher or lower priced item when you want a change. And whenever you are done using it, you can call us and let us know when to pick the products back up. 

#4 Rent To Own

This is a Guarented exclusive feature that allows our customers to buy the products they are renting from us. Each time you make a monthly rent payment, a portion of that goes to the sales price of the product. This means that the longer you rent, the lesser you get to buy it. You can consider the rental term as a trial period of sorts and decide to go ahead with the purchase only after you’ve used it and made sure that it is indeed what you want.

#5 Get Started!

Guarented has some amazing furniture and appliances on rent. Even if you don’t opt for a readymade combo, you can mix and match to your convenience to furnish your home with premium quality products.  We promise quick delivery, customer support, easy upgrades & returns, and a satisfactory experience overall! 


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