Artist, UI Designer And Above All, A Happy Customer Of Guarented: Kapil Parihar

Every year, thousands of young folks arrive at Bangalore to build their careers and chase their dreams. While the city is fairly welcoming of its guests, stories of people having a hard time finding accommodation are not rare. My story is about how I struggled and then finally found a home in this beautiful city called Bangalore.

I am Kapil Parihar and I’m currently working as the Sr. UI/UX designer at a great company. I landed in Bangalore a few years back and like everyone else, I started hunting for places to stay. I browsed the Internet and asked around and I did manage to locate some suitable properties. But then came the shocker that nobody had warned me about – security deposit. Every landlord wanted at least 8-10 months of rent as security deposit. That could easily cost a lakh.

Now, I while I did accept that that’s how things are done in Bangalore, I wasn’t in a position to afford that. PGs and room sharing facilities were not ideal for me. I am an artist – I love drawing and painting. Anything I get my hands on, I turn into a piece of art – bags, clothes, walls literally anything! So I needed a place to myself in which I can peacefully retreat into the world of designs and colors. (Here’s me with my sketch of the most iconic star – Bruce Lee.)

At that point, I had to stay in a hotel for around 2 months and most of my savings were over by then. But after some negotiation, I did manage to settle for a more reasonable amount and finally, I had a roof over my head.

But the respite was short lived because there was another daunting task at hand – furnishing the apartment and making it functional for inhabiting. I knew that buying brand new appliances and furniture was not going to fit in my budget. So I looked around for second hand goods and even that didn’t go down that well.

It was with despair that I turned to Google to help me find economical options to furnish my rented home. I came across a few rental platforms, but their monthly rent wasn’t that low. I did try some out but they were pretty average. Customer support wasn’t that great either.

I continued searching the Internet and that was when I struck the goldmine and landed upon the Guarented website. Prima facie, Guarented’s products and features seemed too good for the prices they quoted. There was free delivery, pick up and even relocation. And even free repairs in the duration of the lease. All of this for prices that were super budget friendly.

Back then, Guarented was in its early stages so I admit that I was apprehensive. This was also because my experience with other rental platforms was not that satisfying. But my need for appliances was pressing and my budget was pretty tight so I took a leap and decided to place an order with them. I was expecting an average quality product and the regular service hiccups like late delivery, average customer support and the likes that I had experienced with another rental platform. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise.

I remember that the delivery personnel contacted me immediately and that the products arrived pretty soon. The quality was definitely better than the options I had tried before and customer support executives were constantly in touch with me to ensure that everything proceeded smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised. During the duration of the subscription period, I faced very few hassles and the one time I needed a minor maintenance check, Guarented provided it to me free of cost.

I realised that unlike their competitors, Guarented had lived up to delivering everything they promised and they were always cordial and professional with their dealings. I went ahead and placed more orders with them and I never faced an issue with any product I rented from them.

At that point, I was actively recommending Guarented to my friends and family, in fact I still recommend them to people in my social circle. I am someone who travels constantly, sometimes I’ll be away for 6 months at a stretch. Renting from Guarented is what helped me save money that would otherwise have been spent in buying goods that would be left unused while I traveled. Or would become a hassle each time I shifted houses. Guarented’s easy returns and free relocation schemes have helped me immensely.

It’s been three years since I first placed an order with them and I am still a regular and satisfied customer. Thanks to Guarented, I could set my home up at a time where I was low on funds and time. I was able to focus on other important things and was able to launch my startup successfully. I also got a lot of time to spend with my art. In short, Guarented played a vital role in my initiation to Bangalore life. For that, I will forever be grateful to them.

Today, I’m a happy guy and I am actively chasing my dreams and passions. I still have big hopes for my art and I hope that I gain the kind of success Guarented has had. I wish them the very best and look forward to being a part of their journey.

P.S. Here are some glimpses of my art. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with my work.

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