Bespoke Room Dividers For Your Home

Urban homes are getting more and more compact with each passing day. Not that spacious homes are done and dusted with, just that larger homes are just not within everyone’s reach. With the newly presented space constraints, interior designers are coming up with some phenomenal ideas to make the best use of whatever little space is available. One such hugely popular idea is the use of room dividers which act as moveable or makeshift walls to serve the purpose of separating a larger space into different and individual spaces. 

If you are on the lookout for such divider ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some cool ways to divide your rooms with the help of DIY dividers. 

#1 Wooden Dividers

These are the most convenient ways at hand. Essentially, a wooden divider consists of several panels of intricately carved wooden panels that are joined together with some sort of hinge mechanism, You can expand/fold them to varying lengths and place them wherever you want to achieve the separation.

The best part about these wooden dividers is that they are easily available, come in varying sizes/designs, and also in different price ranges. You get premium hardwood ones and then there are the more affordable engineered wood ones as well.

#2 Hanging Dividers

These are getting increasingly popular because they are very easy to install and can even be a weekend DIY job. Hanging dividers include curtains, hanging panels, bamboo blinds, and anything in between that gets suspended from a rod/hook above. They can be swept to the side, rolled up, or just simply moved away when you don’t need the partition. 

Hanging dividers also give you the freedom to try new designs more often than with heavy, wooden pedestal ones. This makes them more customizable, allowing you to experiment with multiple decor themes without burning a hole in your pocket. A quick check on eCommerce sites for ‘hanging dividers’ or ‘privacy screens’ would yield many affordable options. 

#3 Built-In Partitions

This is the most effective and maybe the more expensive option. However, such built-in dividers allow you to experiment with endless ideas. You can even incorporate storage and display racks into such dividers giving you so much utility. Typically, this needs professional hands and you may want to get some skilled interior designers and construction workers. However, once done, you’ll probably get the best bang for the buck with such built-in partitions.

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