Best Flooring Options For 2021

Flooring is a major defining factor of your home’s appeal and functionality. Contemporary architecture gives homeowners a wide range of options to choose from. Each type of flooring brings with it its own set of functions in varying levels of maintenance expenses. If you’ve been considering redoing your home’s flooring, this is an article that could help you out. So without further ado, let’s discuss some flooring options.

#1 Stick it on!

These are probably the most affordable options. Stick on flooring includes mostly laminates, vinyls & linoleums. The biggest advantage of these flooring styles is that in addition to being affordable they are also great at simulating almost every other kind of flooring. You can now get terrazzo prints, granites, marble prints and even hardwood design!

Vinyl flooring variants have fairly good resistance to water and stains, but since vinyl flooring is on the softer side, it tends to dent easily.

Stick it on!

#2 Hardwood Flooring

Let’s not dilly dally, hardwood flooring is on the pricey side. However, the final finished look is insanely gorgeous! One could say that it would totally “floor” you! Hardwood flooring comes as panels or strips typically and they are stuck on with some industrial strength glue. Hardwood flooring does require some extra maintenance so make sure you are 100% sure about it before you go ahead and invest in them.

Hardwood Flooring

#3 Granites & Marbles

Everyone has seen and adored granite/marble flooring. The natural pattern on them is unique and no 2 floors would look the same if natural granite/marble is used. Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have high-grade synthetic granites and marbles, both highly popular in modern home constructions. 

While we agree that they can be expensive, they are quite durable and last a very long time. Kitchens, in particular, look stunning when decorated

Granites & Marbles Flooring

#4 Bricks & Tiles

Tiles are obviously hugely popular, but yet another up-and-coming trend among flooring styles is brick flooring. Thanks to the Internet, home designers and architects are drawing inspiration from global cultures. Boho styles and even middle eastern styles are being heavily featured. Bricks and tiles, especially bright, boldly printed tiles are hugely popular. They are easy to lay and fairly easy to maintain. The price varies based on style and material, but they are not too expensive in general.
Bricks & Tiles Flooring

#5 Bamboo Flooring

This is a recent entry into the Indian flooring market. Bamboo panels are amazing because they are natural, eco friendly and quite easily available. While they are prone to being creaky, with good laying techniques that can be easily fixed. However, you may find it hard to locate a vendor who provides you with good quality bamboo flooring.

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