Best Ways To Get Inexpensive Furniture in Hyderabad

Furnishing your house, no matter in which part of the world you are could get expensive. For young adults who are just starting out with life or folks who are not ready to settle just yet, the idea of investing a lot of money in brand new furniture is not very pleasant. If you’re in Hyderabad and are looking for budget-friendly ways to furnish your entire home, you’ve come to the right place.  

We’re a company that deals with manufacturing, selling, refurbishing and renting of furniture. Guarented has been doing this for several years and because of that, we know quite a lot about furniture and what goes into its making. Because our customers are our top priority, we refrain from pricing them astronomically and make it a point to provide free service warranty with our products for additional budget protection.

Avoid Shopping From Showrooms

One of the most effective ways in which you can cut back on costs is by avoiding showrooms. Designer furniture houses often take into account the costs for maintaining the showroom, the staff salaries, other miscellaneous expenses etc when pricing their products. The resultant retail price would be quite higher than the base price of the product.

I think we can all agree that shopping online costs a lot less as e-commerce players get to cut back on costs that are mentioned above. Because of this, furniture shoppers have shown a shift toward online stores. And why wouldn’t they? The prices are lower and there’s a lot of convenience in shopping online.

Buy Furniture Online For Maximum Savings

Furniture industry did not stay behind when e-commerce boomed across the country. Startups dedicated to the sale and rent of furniture are not uncommon in major metro cities. Guarented is one of the top players in this space and dabbles in manufacturing, selling, renting and refurbishing furniture products. What made us popular is our affordable pricing and other features that favor the customer more. 

With us, you can either buy brand new, premium furniture or rent them depending on your budget. We also have pre-made packages for 1, 2 & 3 BHK homes so all you need to do is place a few clicks to fully furnish your home.

Get Custom Furniture Online

This is yet another way in which you can get your hands on inexpensive furniture. Instead of going with products that are manufactured in bulk, opt for custom made ones. You get to make the call on what material, style, and dimensions to go with and therefore, you can decide the final price. 

Guarented is one of the first companies to provide custom furniture service online in Bangalore and Hyderabad. And our customer furniture feature is so simple that you can do it right from the convenience of your home! That’s not all, in case you want your designs being brought to life, you can make a request for a warehouse visit. This way, you can come over and watch our team build your order. 

Rent Furniture For Additional Savings

Renting is definitely a lot cheaper than buying. If we are correct, it costs maybe 1/5th the price of buying premium furniture. Renting is best suited for students and freshers who are likely to move around multiple times before settling somewhere. 

Renting also gives you the convenience of paying for what you use. 3 months, 10 months – your call. As soon as your requirement is up, place a call to us and have the products picked back up. Lets you save the hassles of disposing of furniture too! 

Guarented’s Hyderabad Chapter

Yes, Guarented recently launched in Hyderabad and we’re still running all kinds of inaugural offers! Browse Guarented’s amazing collection of premium furniture for sale in Hyderabad and get started! Furnishing your house will never be more budget-friendly. From simple bedside and coffee tables to custom made furniture products, we’ve got it all! And don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay updated on our latest announcements and sales!

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