Best Wood Types For Sofas

Sofas are a staple in every household. There’s something about a well built, stylish sofa that exudes a posh, inviting vibe, wouldn’t you agree? But all the style is for naught unless the frame of the sofa itself is crafted in a sturdy fashion. So how can you make a sturdy frame for a sofa? The most conventional and fool proof way is using good quality wood. But how many different types of wood are available? What are their properties? How do I pick something that’s ideal for me? This article will help you out with that.


The Two Most Common Types Of Wood
Hardwood vs softwood

We’re sure you knew the answer to this. In India, wood types are broadly classified into 2 – Softwood and Hardwood. Each comes with an array of natural woods and each wood brings a unique property to the furniture they are used in. That said, here are some of the telling differences between the 2.

Most hardwoods come from deciduous trees and they take a long time to grow and that is probably why they have a dense structure. They also tend to have deeper colors and longevity and may even exhibit higher resistance to pest attacks due to the integrity of their grain structure. As a result of all these properties, hardwood types are typically more expensive when compared to softwood.

Softwoods, on the other hand, often come from coniferous trees, are less dense, and more vulnerable to pest attacks. But they come in nice light shades and are easier on your pockets. Since such trees grow in tall, straight structures, softwood trees make it easier to cut straight planks out. 

Each category, hardwood & softwood have many varieties within themselves. Thankfully in India, both wood types are available in abundance. With the right craftsmanship, sturdy, beautiful sofas can be crafted from either category to fit your style requirements and budget.


India furniture making and wooden artistry in general has always been leaning towards hardwoods. There’s a reason why our historical structures have stood the test of time. Even in furniture making and other structures like doors, wood work is a big highlight. Some of our most popular hardwoods are-

  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Rose Wood
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Mango Wood

Out of all the woods listed above, walnut & mango wood are the most versatile and affordable. They can be used to craft some amazing furniture, especially sofas and beds. Consider browsing Guarented’s catalog for some amazing walnut/mango wood furniture.


Softwoods have been gaining popularity in the last few decades due to their affordability and light, honey/dewy shades. Here are some popular types of softwoods –

  • Various types of Pine
  • Spruce
  • Fir
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • European Yew

In addition to this, bamboo has also become very popular in the recent past. While bamboo would not be considered as a “tree”, they’re more like tall, strong grass, they’re still great for light weight furniture in boho designs.

Engineered Woods – The Manmade Marvel

Engineered wood

Engineered woods are wood-based derivatives which are popularly used in low-cost, light furniture. They are also called composite wood, plywood, particle board and more such names. While they are not 100% wood, they usually have wood scraps glued together with industrial grade adhesives to make for pretty strong and fairly good planks. They are great for modular furniture which require smaller pieces or planks and are popular in flooring too. While they may lack the aesthetic appeal of natural woods, engineered woods are perfect for unique designs and different colors. 

Custom Furniture Is The Way To Go

Furniture market is no longer sticking to the conventional path. Mass produced furniture has lost its charm and people are now opting to approach local businesses to handcraft furniture that is custom made. This helps people have control over every part of the furniture they are choosing to purchase. From selecting the wood, to picking the right density for the foam and prints/shades of the upholstery, you truly get to be the master designer of the sofa you are going to invest in. Owing to such a large margin for personalization, custom furniture is definitely the way forward. If you would like to get your hands on such premium, handcrafted custom furniture, get in touch with Guarented! 

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